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#1 Posted : Monday, June 16, 2008 1:05:36 PM(UTC)
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The following is an exchange between "RG" and Yada:

On Thu, Feb 7, 2008 at 11:08 PM, "RG" wrote:

Hi Yada,

Keep up the good work! I have been doing a lot of reading and I'm convinced that you are on the right track. However, there are some things that I think need clarification. One is Satan's ability to maneouvre in time and space. If Satan's ability to maneouvre is unlimited then he would know when Yahweh will return. Since not even the angels of heaven know the day and the hour this would seem to contradict scripture. Also Satan would be able to re-visit one of his failures and perhaps produce a different outcome.

The alternatives are that he is not able to maneouvre in time at all or he is limited in what he can do.
I believe the latter, in that when he was cast down to Earth, he was cast down dimensionally as well so that he is as restricted in time as we are.

The other issue is who are the peoples of Britain and the USA? Years ago I used to listen to Mr Armstrong who put forward the thesis that the USA and British Commonwealth were the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh. Certainly we seem to have been blessed and there are some strange coincidences such as the crowning of British monarchs while seated on Jacob's pillar stone in Westminster Abbey. Is there any evidence that David's throne is continued through the English monarchs? If not, what has happened to David's line?

On another topic I have stopped observing satan's festivals but, as expected, at great cost. Enormous pressure was brought to bear by family and friends to observe Christmas - but I didn't buckle. So far I have been unable to observe the Miqra and even the occasional Sabbath observance is very difficult due to contractural work obligations. In three and a half years I will be free of the contract. I live in Brisbane Australia. Do you know of anyone here who can offer advice and fellowship as I am quite alone with nobody with understanding or the willingless to listen.

Kind regards,


Yada's response:


Thank you.

The dimension of time is difficult for us to understand, and the use of "maneuvering" to describe transport in it is inadequate at best, and possibly misleading. As a spirit, we know that Satan is eternal and that his perception of time is radically different than our own. I really don't know how to properly communicate his, or any spirit's capacity in a realm outside of our current knowledge and perspective.

There are limits placed upon Halal bin Shachar which preclude him from altering the course of human events beyond his already negitive influence beginning in Eden. These are hinted at in Job. Satan is, however, fully aware of his ultimate fate and he knows how things will play out between now and then. It's so obvious in the Word if I can see it so can he. Satan is however, not restricted "as we are." He, like all messengers, loyal and fallen, is both greater and lesser than we are. His weaknesses are in the area of freewill, of creativity, of causality, and with regard to the capacity to love. His strengths are power and time--and probably knowledge.

That said, the passage regarding Yah's return isn't as you have suggested. Determining the day, and even the time, is possible from the clues provided in the Word. I dedicated large parts of two chapters to providing insights into the line you have cited. I would encourage you to consider them. I came to the conclusion that the RC line was actually a quote from Zachariah on the subject of Yahuwshua's seventh advent.

There is a zero percent chance that Americans and Brits are descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh. The British royalty is a fraud, as are all others. There is absolutely no connection between David's thrown and those scumbags. Forget it.

David's line is known to Yah and could be known to us by way of DNA. The same can be said of all 12 tribes. That is one of the reasons we know that Armstrong was wrong.

I'm glad that you have stopped celebrating the pagan Christian holidays.

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, June 17, 2008 1:52:28 AM(UTC)
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I'm surprised Yada didn't direct the poor guy over here to the forum. It might help with his feelings of being alone.
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