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#1 Posted : Thursday, January 27, 2022 5:53:54 PM(UTC)
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Yahowsha' / Joshua 6:17 "And (wa) the city (ha ‘iyr), it (hy’) and all (wa kol) who are (‘asher) in it (bah), shall once and for all be (hayah) utterly destroyed and exterminated (charam) through the approach (la) of Yahowah (Yahowah), except for (raq) Rachab (rachab–roomy; to enlarge, to make room, or open wide; broad place; proud, wide), the harlot who fed and nourished (ha zownah–harlot, adulteress, or whore, and zuwn [S2109]–to be plump, to feed or nourish), she (hy’) and all (wa kol) who, for the benefit of the relationship, are (‘asher) associated with her (‘eth hy) in (ba) the house and family (beyth) shall continue to exist (hayah), because (ky) she cherished by hiding (hy chaba’) accordingly (‘eth) the envoys on a mission of reconnaissance (mal’akym, plural of mal’ak–envoy authorized to speak and act on behalf of another; from ma–to ponder the meaning or significance and investigate the who, what, where, when, why, or how of something, for the purpose of making wise, informed and rational decisions, and l’ak–to send (or be sent as) a messenger or envoy, wait on (perform the duties of an attendant or servant; call upon or visit), minister to (to administer or apply; give service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities; to contribute, as to comfort or happiness)) that (‘asher) we sent out (shalach ‘ananhuw)."

In doing translations (which admittedly I'm still learning), I try to determine the meaning of the names of the characters involved to deepen understanding of the scene; in this case, Rachab the harlot.

Digging below the surface, I'm less inclined to believe that Rachab was merely a harlot, whore, or adulteress.

What is the first thing that a stranger entering a city would do: go to the nearest prostitute, or acquire necessities such as food and shelter?

Rachab means roomy, to enlarge or to make room. Harlot comes from zanah (or prostitute, whore, or adulteress), but the inclusion of a wah (ha zownah) potentially reveals a verbal root zuwn [S2109]–to be plump, to feed or to nourish (with the suffix ah making this word feminine).

Stated this way, rachab and zuwn together indicate "one who makes room and feeds and nourishes" which sounds very much like an innkeeper or boarder, or simply someone who opens their home to strangers, and who may or may not provide additional services. This seems far more appropriate in context, with the two men of Yisra'el sent to spy out Yarychow needing to find a place to stay. I doubt that they sought out a harlot or a whore immediately upon entering the city, as that was not their mission.

As always, if I'm missing something, I welcome criticism and correction.

Happy translating!
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#2 Posted : Saturday, January 29, 2022 10:55:48 AM(UTC)
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It wouldn't be unusual for spies or reconnaissance to seek out the shady under belly of a city with prostitues. I'll take a wild guess that Rahab was born and raised there and would know most if not all the details of her city, troops, politics, etc. The city was already on high alert if I remember correctly that Israel was nearby and the spies would seek someone like Rahab to gain info.

Rahab knew a lot about what was going on in her region also.

Rahab was also most likely an entrepeneur using her domicile as a B&B and to ply her trade.

She was also most likely the Matriarch of her household as it seems she was making the decisions for her family with no opposition whatsoever.

The symbolism is rich with Tarwuah and Shophar. The two men escaping through a narrow window.

Lastly, notice how broad and harlot are connected. The broad and open space Yahowsha talked about that leads to destruction. The Harlot of Babylon. Broad is also a derogatory form of addressing women.

Kinda looks like Israel inadvertaly let her in after she let her city get destroyed.

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