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Many consider the various genealogies listed in the Towrah as merely interesting distractions; I know that I did in the past. But delving deeper, sometimes they tell an interesting story. Somewhere amongst all of his books, Yada has listed the genealogy of the sons of Ya'aqob, telling a story through the translations of the 12 sons names.

Bare'syth 22:20-24 contains such a genealogy—of Nachowr, brother of 'Abram/'Abraham. What follows is a similar name/meaning analysis of benym Nachowr, the children of Nachowr, providing an eye-opening perspective on the consequences of remaining in Babylon.

For context, this passage comes right after the Covenant was ratified with 'Abraham, and they have all come down from Mount Mowryah to settle in Be'ersheba.


And (wa) it came to pass (hayah) following ('achar) these (ha elleh) events (ha dabarym), that (wa) an announcement ('amar) was declared (nagad) to (la) 'Abraham ('abraham—Merciful Father): "Behold (hineh), Milkah (milkah—One Who Presumes to be a Queen), she (hy') has borne (yalad) additional (gam) children (benym) unto (la) Nachowr (nachowr—Scoffing Snorter) your brother ('ach 'atah): (Bare'syth 22:20)

In the respective order ('eth), 'Uwts ('uwts—Counselor Giving Advice), his firstborn (bakar huw), then (wa 'eth) Buwz (buwz—Disrespectful) his brother ('ach huw), then (wa 'eth) Qemuw'el (qemuw'el—He Stands Up to God)—the father ('aby) of 'Aram ('aram—High and Mighty)), (Bare'syth 22:21)

then (wa 'eth) Kesed (kesed—Astrologer), then Chazow (chazow—Soothsayer), then (wa 'eth) Pildash (pildash—Magician), then Yidlaph (yidlaph—Tearful), then Bethuw'el (bethuw'el—He is Desolated by God). (Bare'syth 22:22)

And (wa) Bethuw'el (bethuw'el——He is Desolated by God) brought into being (yalad) accordingly ('eth) Rebeqah (ribqah—Ensnared by Her Beauty). Milkah (milkah—One Who Presumes to be a Queen) bore (yalad) these ('elleh) eight (shemonah) to Nachowr (la nachowr—Scoffing Snorter), the brother ('ach) of 'Abraham ('abraham—Merciful Father). (Bare'syth 22:23)

And (wa) his [Nachowr's] concubine (pilegesh huw), whose name was (wa shem) Ra'uwmah (ra'uwmah—She Is Raised Up, Elevated in Prominence), she (hy') also (gam) accordingly ('eth) bore (yalad) Tebach (tebach—Slaughter), then ('eth) Gacham (gacham—To Burn), then ('eth) Tachash (tachash—Shoe Leather), then ('eth) Ma'akah (ma'akah—Weak and Depressed)." (Bare'syth 22:24)

All but two of the children had readily discernible definitions. Two of them required some digging:

kesed—fourth son of Nachowr; of unknown origin, but probably related to the root of Kasdym [Chaldeans], who had a reputation as astrologers; and

pildash—sixth son of Nachowr; of unknown origin; however, when broken down to a compound word, pala'—marvelous works, miracles and dasha'—sprout, issue forth; therefore, Brings Forth Miracles or Marvelous and Wondrous and Obscure Works; one who speaks to misdirect, and to confuse and obstruct understanding, or even engender trust by way of marvelous works or miracles; describing a magician

As we know, Terah left Babylon with his son 'Abram and 'Abram's wife Sarai, along with Lowt (son of Haran, who had previously perished there previously), leaving behind Nachowr and Milkah, who foolishly chose to remain in Babylon. This genealogy of Nachowr—the Scoffing Snorter through Milkah—One Who Presumes to be a Queen, presents a very interesting (albeit not very flattering) picture about what happens to those who choose to remain mired in the various aspects of Babylon, conveyed through the progression pictured by the names of Nachowr's sons and daughter:

This genealogy of Nachowr—the Scoffing Snorter, first through Milkah—One Who Presumes to be a Queen then his concubine, Re'uwmah—She Is Raised Up, Elevated in Prominence, is very interesting (and not very flattering) when following the progression of his children:

While offering his counsel ('uwts), he is disrespectful (buwz), standing up to God (qemuw'el) as the progenitor of a high and mighty self opinion ('aram), looking to the stars for answers (kesed) to make predictions about the future (chazow), misleading through miracles, signs, and wonders (pildash), then becoming tearful (yidlaph) when he is desolated by God (bethuw'el) [then progressing through his concubine, Re'uwmah—She Is Raised Up, Elevated in Prominence] through slaughter (tebach) and burning (gacham), beaten and flattened like shoe leather (tachash), becoming weak and depressed (ma'akah).

Remaining mired in Babylon, in any of its forms, is extremely counterproductive and not advised. Instead, shamar—listen to the Word of Yahowah, as given through His Naby', Yirma'yah...

"Of your own volition, choose to deliver yourself (yatsa huw') from out of her [Babylon's] midst (min tawek), My family ('am 'any), and (wa) each individual ('iysh) make the choice to slip away and escape (malat) with ('eth) his soul (nephesh huw') from (min) the furious (charown) anger ('aph) of Yahowah (Yahowah)." (Yirma'yah 51:45)

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1. Lowt (‘eth Lowt – One who is Shrouded, Blocking any Association with the Light).
2. Merriam Webster Dictionary: Lout belongs to the large group of words we use to indicate an undesirable person, a boor, a bumpkin, a dolt, a clod.
3. I wouldn't be surprised that Lowt is the root word for Lout.
4. I wouldn't want to be the guy whose name is synonymous with dolt and boor.
5. This chapter didn't address Lowt's insane interaction with the Malak in Sodom and also that Abraham couldn't get rid of Lowt fast enough. Lowt definitely lived up to his name.YY V2 C7 Observations Covenant The Promised Land Away from Your CountryYY V2 C7 Observations Covenant The Promised Land Away from Your Country
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