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#1 Posted : Monday, October 21, 2019 7:05:46 PM(UTC)
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It seems that, of all people, Rush Limbaugh is catching on to some of the evils of government, and stumbling onto some of the positions Yah takes toward government/politics, and particularly their hunger for war:

The email says, “Mr. Limbaugh, the swamp is universally and hysterically against the removal of troops from Syria by Trump. It’s almost like they all have some deal where they make millions if we stay in.” They do. And let me explain to you how this works. Now, again, I’m gonna give you theory. I think what I’m going describe for you does exist, but I can’t give you names of companies, conglomerates, or what have you.

But I firmly believe that war is one of the most profitable enterprises on the planet. That’s why there’s never gonna be an end to it. There’s never gonna be peace as peaceniks desire because there’s gobs of money in war. Because in war you make money doing both things. You actually make money four ways. You make money winning and losing, you make money destroying and rebuilding.

So let’s say that you are gigantic conglomerate A, you’re an international conglomerate. You do business in a lot of places around the world, including the United States. And you have purchased a lot of influence with the Department of Defense and relative members of Congress on the House and Senate committees that appropriate money for defense. And you own lots of difference businesses. You have a construction business. You have a plumbing business. You have an arms business. You have any number other things.

And what do you need? You need for countries to be at war. You need things to be destroyed so that you can rebuild them. You need weapons made and ammo made so the destruction can take place so that you can sell the stuff. And then when stocks run dry after a big war, you need to remake and resupply all of the militaries around the world that you’re supplying.

More at the SOURCE ("Why the Swamp is Going Bonkers Over Syria")

"...The military people in this deep state have really been brilliant. They know that the American people for the most part, in a vast majority, instinctively support the troops. They know the American people instinctively adore and admire and support the troops. (how Yada seems to define Patriotism - support of the military) It’s a volunteer force. They lay their lives on the line the moment they volunteer to join.

And so the people running the deep state military aspect of the Washington establishment have been taking advantage of this for longer than we can count. When you stop to think about this — this is what Codevilla’s piece did for me — when you stop and think about it, it becomes even more outrageous. They count on us loving our soldiers, because we do. They count on us loving our country, because we do. And they count on most of us to unilaterally support the military, because we do. They even count on our Christianity as an aspect of promulgating and promoting certain aspects of foreign policy. The belief in Christianity that Israel, for example, is sacred. They take advantage of that too. (how the satanic seek to manipulate and exploit the average citizen!)

...Now, McRaven is well known to those of us who study well-known military people. He’s a well-known, uber-leftist in the United States military. You want to talk about a conflict for me, that is a gigantic conflict. But as you know, we have two kinds of generals, two kinds of people in the military. We got warrior generals; we got political generals. McRaven’s a political general in his current iteration. But these people are making it clear, folks, elections, if they don’t go the way they want them, they’re gonna overturn them! And they think they’re perfectly entitled to! That’s the thing. (what was that Yada said a while ago about it doesn't really matter whom you vote for?)

...What would you say if I were to tell you that the Democrat Party, under the auspices of the Washington establishment, the deep state, has actually become the party of war? “What? Rush, no, no. Code Pink. The Democrats, Antifa, the Democrats, every knows they’re anti-war.” Ahhh, that’s what everybody thinks. It isn’t so anymore." (Too profitable for the politicians - and what was Yahowah's biggest complaint about the U.S. in Yashayahu (Isaiah) 18? All the wars, and apparently profiting from war.)

More at the SOURCE ("Washington Doesn't Care About the Kurds")

It appears the reasons Yahowah wants us to disassociate from religion, politics, economic exploitation, and militarism are becoming increasingly obvious as we get closer to Year 6000 Yah.
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