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#1 Posted : Sunday, March 3, 2019 10:45:30 PM(UTC)
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I had a lengthy argument with my muslim mom about islam and other religions and no matter how much I attempted to refute the basis of islam she refused to believe that it is not the Word of God. I myself am not fully convinced yet of anything being the word of God but I'm becoming more and more convinced that the quran is not. Firstly, when I mentioned the contradiction laced in the text (mentions there shall be no compulsion in religion yet also condones the killing of disbelievers) she just shook her head and explained that it was in the context of war. Okay whatever, then she proceeded to explain to me that the prophet muhammed was illiterate and couldn't read or write and didn't go to school but I told her eveything was taught orally and at the time he lived in the hubbub of trade, Mecca, so he could of learned things from all types of foreigners- she refused that too. Then I brought up prophecies and how a 3000 BC scroll was found to contain prophecies some of which came true (okay I might have made this up, I don't know of a five thousand year old book containing miracles but it was for a reaction), she said these historians are liars fabricating the prophecies up "it took hundreds of years to decipher hieroglyphs how do you suppose someone knows a 5000 year old language?" -prophecies are sacrilegious and I shouldn't believe in them. Her only arguments for islam was that he was able to predict the development of the embryo and basically after that kept boasting that from the time it was conceived till now no one was able to produce anything like it. I also added that since it is the Almighty who knows the past, present and future, he never changes his word, adds to it or subtracts from it but every script is a divergent from another contradicting this very fact. Her argument was that he brought this new religion because people needed his word in their language something they could understand and that anyway, it isn't very different from the psalms of David (it is). So does anyone have any convincing arguments, concepts, etc. that could help me make a case against Islam to her?
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 5, 2019 10:50:32 AM(UTC)
Stewart James
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Well, I would suggest reading www.prophetofdoom.net If you can handle that, you may find numerous Surahs that will point to many problems within the Koran.

Here though is the problem with Religion, it binds people in and they get very defensive when criticism is levied against what they believe!

I have read most of this work and I would certainly class it as extremely informative! It is very apparent that the God of Islam has no love for the creation of human life, perhaps a greater love of doing away with human life, so I have to wonder why anyone would want to get involved with any deity that wants to kill, kill, kill!

I have not witnessed any other prophet in the Koran other than the self appointed Mohammed! Contrast that with the Torah and you have 40 prophets with 100% accurate prophecy fulfilled and more yet to come, so if that prophecy can be given 300 to 2,500 years in advance and proven to be 100% accurate, you can not only believe in Yahowah and His word, you can know future history in advancee and Islam is foretold too! There are many references to be found!

I hope this helps!
When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease being honest!
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#3 Posted : Saturday, May 16, 2020 10:43:50 AM(UTC)
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Bluntly said, religions are cults. Free thought is not only discouraged, it is punished. Today the western world views Islam as evil, but we are just complacently comfortable with the christian version of evil that robs even more souls of eternity.

There are two different avenues of debate you can attempt
1. Prophet of Doom. This book uses the Koran and the Hadith writings to order the random Surah verses into chronological order. From this and an unapologetic rendition of the text evolves a very different view of Islam.
2. Yada Yah books (Yada Yah, Questioning Paul, Introduction to God, Observations) These come from a unique non-christian translation of Towrah texts. Yada Yah is full of past and future history(prophecy) that predates scientific, medical and historical explanations. The creation, flood and other stories are laid out with prophetic and scientific proofs of their accuracy.
Questioning Paul uses the Christian New Testament's own text to disprove the validity of christianity and of the texts themselves.
An Intro to God, develops the Towrah's fundamental teaching and the story of Abraham and the Covenant.

Any/all of these mya prove useful material to sway you Mother, but don't get your hopes up. She is deeply engrained in a cult, your success is doubtful.

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