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Offline MikeHarding  
#1 Posted : Monday, May 14, 2018 7:34:43 AM(UTC)
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Hello to you all. My name is Michael Harding and I am currently residing in Perth, Western Australia.
The story of my religious journey is probably much the same as many of yours, so I will keep it short.
I grew up in a religious family(my dad never had much to do with it though). Mum went through multiple denominations, including JW'S.
At a young age figured out I couldn't trust priests(wasn't anything sexual!!)
spent the next 30+ years being athiest/agnostic
Went through a really bad time 18 months ago and through my wife coxing me to go to Church, found God again. Or so I had thought.(I still believe God personally touched my life)
after about 8 months started to once again wake up to the contradictions and lies.
Spent many hours researching Christianity.
Found Yada Yah.
What an eye opener it has been. While the Bible and Christianity left me confused, Yada Yah has striped away that confusion and the more I research the more I see what Christianity really teaches.... and it isn't the Covenant.
I'm still just a babe, and have an immense amount to learn(and unlearn!!)
I am hoping to meet people here in Perth to help my on my path, so any suggestions of who or where to visit would be much appreciated.
Offline Glfnaz  
#2 Posted : Tuesday, May 15, 2018 5:21:45 PM(UTC)
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Welcome Michael. I'm glad you have been open minded and wanted answers to the nagging questions that Christianity presents. That is what it was for me, I was seeking answers to things in Christianity that just don't add up. Yada, (Yada) does a wonderfull job of pointing that out. If you read Questioning Paul, also by Yada I don't see how anyone can read those facts and remaim a Christian. There is so much to learn and unlearn.
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MikeHarding on 8/13/2018(UTC)
Offline MikeHarding  
#3 Posted : Tuesday, August 7, 2018 5:34:06 PM(UTC)
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Finding Yah this late in my life is like finding a life line.
But I have to be honest. I'm very much a broken man and need help.
I don't know anyone in Perth, so this is a call out.
Is there anyone out there in Perth, Western Australia that I can contact.
Offline Bubsy  
#4 Posted : Wednesday, August 8, 2018 5:09:24 PM(UTC)
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Hmm, I wonder if Roy lives near Perth, and if he is on the forum. I seem to recall that Roy is in Australia, at least, but not specifically where in Australia.
Ha Shem? I'm kind of fond of Ha Shemp, Ha Larry, and Ha Moe myself. And the earlier shorts with Ha Curly.
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MikeHarding on 8/12/2018(UTC)
Offline KrystalCastle  
#5 Posted : Tuesday, August 21, 2018 1:01:46 AM(UTC)
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Hey Mike...
i just found all this recently, still reading all the material but wow!! awesome hey!?
anyways, just browsing the forum for 2 seconds and what do i see? another from PERTH!? what are the chances of that!?
Maybe we could catch up for a coffee and chat or something? 😁

hope to chat soon!

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MikeHarding on 8/23/2018(UTC)
Offline MikeHarding  
#6 Posted : Friday, August 24, 2018 5:54:09 AM(UTC)
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Hi Krystal. I did pm and thought I'd also send an email, which for some reason won't send!!!
Great to hear you're reading through the website. It's hard slog, but worth it.
I personally have found myself struggling due to not being able to discuss things with others. Social media doesn't really cut it, it's so easy to misconstrue what is written!
Anyway, I would certainly appreciate being able to discuss Yada's translations with a like minded person. I am also very curious as how you do found YadaYah.
So... Meeting up for a chat/coffee sounds like a good start. I live in the northern suburb of Merriwa, but don't know where you're situated, so some place central to us both would be OK.

Offline Stewart James  
#7 Posted : Saturday, October 27, 2018 5:28:54 AM(UTC)
Stewart James
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Hello Mike, just discovered your post here and it looks like you story is pretty similar to my own, though when we talked previously I pretty much gathered that apart from a religious background, we have a similar story!

Concerning being alone and losing any form of religion, it no longer bothers me. In many ways being alone is perhaps the best thing to focus, since as I found with religion, so many have their own views and try to coax you onto the wrong path.

I confess I would like to meet with like minded individuals who are serious about truth and uncovering lies that pervade this world of religion and politics! However, that is hard to find in a confused world that will not even consider the religious scam that takes people away from God, or the meaning of Yisra'el and who they are today!

Almost no one ever thinks about how the "Whore of Babylon" has used the Bible to confuse the populous through errant translations of men, while propagating those lies as if they were the true word's of God and creating numerous religions all claiming to be the true chuch of God! However, when you understand that God has no chuch, no church can be right, correct or even "holy" which really means set apart!

I feel for you in your situation, but do not be discouraged by being alone, it may well prove to be an advantage if you can keep with the truth? Better to be alone and in truth and being correct, than to be in the company of those who confuse and lead astray, or those who are weak and wrong!

Anywway, welcome to this forum and if you ever have the chance to come to Thailand, contact me by Facebook, you have my contact there! Take heart, you are in a country that speaks English, it is far more rare here in Thailand!

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease being honest!
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