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#1 Posted : Saturday, April 14, 2018 11:40:04 PM(UTC)
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Does anyone find the information in Bare'syth 1:29 compelling to eat a plant based diet? I am in my 4th year of eating a plant based diet with amazing health benefits. I rarely get sick anymore, knee and joint pain gone, eyesight has been healed to 20/20. I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 and last year at age 57, I got to take 'wears corrective lenses' off the drivers license. I don't need any corrective lenses at all for either near or far sightedness. I did ask Yah for some help with my vision as I was tired of losing my glasses so maybe it was a combo of asking for help and plant based eating?

What do you all think? Any other plant based eater's out there in the family?


Bare'syth 1:29
Then (wa) God (‘elohym) conveyed (‘amar – expressed in words (qal imperfect – literally conveying something that would have actual and ongoing consequences)), ‘Pay attention (hineh – behold, something important is being accentuated, be observant now, look up, listening carefully to the insights being emphasized, notice the details in this narrative and consider the context, because, surely, this will change your perspective), I have provided (nathan – I have given, producing and offering, I have placed and appointed (qal perfect – addressing a finite period of time when something has been totally accomplished and should be interpreted literally)) on your behalf (la ‘atem ‘eth – to facilitate your approach, therefore) every (kol) plant (‘eseb – form of green vegetation suitable for consumption; from an unused root meaning to glisten and grow) producing seeds (zara’ zera’ – sowing seeds and yielding offspring, producing descendants and conceiving a family) which beneficially shows the way to the relationship (‘asher – which provide the blessing of an upright, fortuitous, and elevated state, a joyful and happy attitude, and an encouraged and content mindset to those walking the correct way along the proper, specific, certain, and restrictive path to a blessed and prosperous life, stepping out and taking a stand with regard to this teaching and guidance on behalf of your stability, safety, and security, being led to pursue life the right way) upon (‘al – on) the surface (paneh – the presence and before, appearing on the face) of the entire (kol – of the whole) realm (‘erets – land, region, territory, and ground, even material realm), and also therefore (wa ‘eth), every (kol – the entirety of and every kind of ) tree (ha ‘ets) whereby a blessing is provided, the means to an upright and elevated existence for those walking the correct way along the proper path to abundant life (‘asher – which beneficially shows the way to the relationship and encourages stepping out with regard to this teaching and guidance to pursue life the right way) with the fruit (ba huw’ pery – with regard to its harvest and offspring) of those trees (‘ets) sowing seeds (zara’ zera’ – producing seeds and yielding offspring, producing descendants and conceiving a family) for your benefit and for you to approach (la ‘atem – on your behalf). They exist for you (hayah – you shall have them exist and for you they are (qal imperfect – literally with ongoing implications)) to be consumed as nourishment (la ‘aklah – to be eaten as food and to be devoured as a symbol of what is true, even unexpected, surely and indeed serving as a marker of emphasis designating the goal and means to draw near unto it).
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#2 Posted : Monday, April 16, 2018 2:18:21 PM(UTC)
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For what it's worth, I do recall a speaker at the "Distinguished Speakers" series whose lecture I attended years ago, who was an expert on health and longevity. One of the groups he studied for their longevity was the Seventh Day Adventists, whose diet was mostly plant-based, probably based on what you cited. So maybe there is something to a mostly plant-based diet for a long temporal life, and considering your experiences, perhaps relatively disease-free, too. Of course now, a temporal lifespan that reaches well past 2033 on the Roman Empire calendar is moot for all but those who will survive The Tribulation with their mortal lives intact.
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