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#1 Posted : Wednesday, December 16, 2015 8:59:17 AM(UTC)
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JM wrote:
Hey Fellows, happy shabbat, I had a question to ask, and that question is what convinces you that the hebrew lexicons,dictionaries ect., and what we are generally taught about how to read the hebrew texts grammatically, and the definitions of the letters and the definitions of the words, and the moods and conjugations etc and everything related to how we read hebrew today is reliable and trustworthy?

We have some confirmations of some of what is accepted as fact regarding Yah's language of choice in the text itself, like the fact that 22 letters is consistent with psalm 119, but how far does one go in trusting what will be the source of the bricks and mortar of their translation?

I want to be as definite about the other aspects of reading and writing hebrew as I am about the fact that there are 22 letters, before I begin to translate the text for myself.

Could it be that what Yah defines as light, the Towrah, contains within it, a means to test all aspects of how we interpret the text itself? especially knowing what we know on this side of history today. If Yah proves he exists, wouldn't it also be knowable if the current way hebrew is read and interpreted is correct?

I brought an aspect of this up in SM a while ago, that being, what if the hebrew letters that comprised the words could help us derive a definition of the word definitively enough that one could read the text without the need for outside resources and interpretations?

Furthering this thought, what if all aspects of hebrew could be verified as definitively as 22 letters is verified in the text itself?

I am convinced this is the direction I need to go in my study. If you have an insight on this topic I would definitely be interested in hearing it.

Also, listen to this song, I attached the link below, and tell me if you hear a song about the covenant. LOL, what a great track. "Come on up to the house" :) "theres no light in the tunnel, no irons in the fire, Come on up to the house!!"......"Come down off the cross, we can use the wood, come on up to the house."


All the best


Yada wrote:

Perfect communication and perfect understanding are not possible in our world with our limitations. But we can know and understand much more than is necessary to appreciate Yah and His Covenant.

The pictures drawn by the letters help us understand. I share what I've come to know about them in the Word Volume of AnIntroductionToGod.com. But as you have noted, the 119th Psalm also does a fine job defining the meaning of each letter.

When using printed religious material, including lexicons, interlinears, and dictionaries, you have to have a filter, knowing what to embrace and what to discard. The more you study the Towrah, the easier this becomes. Yahowah is an effective communicator and He is consistent.

The more I translate, the more the definitions I use are refined. The more I study, the easier this becomes. But on the other hand, each time I review a statement from Yah, I learn something new, something that adds to the translation and understanding of it. So since I'm learning each time, my prior attempt was imperfect and incomplete. But so is the newest one, because the next time through the same material, I'll discover something that I missed previously.

Learning is a life long endeavor. Understanding is the reward. Neither will ever be complete, because when there is nothing left to learn, nothing new to understand, there is no growth. We need to grow to live.

Ultimately I've come to be confident in the definitions found in YY, ITG, and QP because they combine to present a consistent and magnificent picture of Yahowah and His Covenant.

Don't take my word for it, Look it up.

“The truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.” ― Ayn Rand
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