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Offline syeve  
#1 Posted : Monday, October 6, 2014 2:34:09 AM(UTC)
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I found this name under Macedonian politicians, Nikola Gruevski. He appears to meet some criteria for the Torahless one. However, he is married. This does'nt necessarily imply he isn't a homosexual however I would'nt want to falsely accuse him as such in the event he's straight. I noticed that his folks were divorced and his mom took him to Libya when he was 4 where she worked as a nurse. There may be some question as to who his father was, but that could be his political opponents opinion.
Gee, divorced parents and living/growing up in allah land (Libya), as in potential Islamic influence at an early age. Hmmm, sounds like someone else we know...
Offline Mike  
#2 Posted : Monday, October 6, 2014 6:27:50 PM(UTC)
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Hi Syeve,

Welcome to the forum.

Yes, Yada has talked about this guy before. Below is an e-mail exchange between me and Yada:

Mike wrote: I noticed that the flag and coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia both have sunbursts. I thought that was interesting. Not sure that it means anything. The Catholic church just loves to use sunburst imagery also.

Yada wrote: Yes, I noticed too. But it's not the RCC. The Macedonian Orthodox Church is an unofficial and unrecognized splinter of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Also, the MOC claims that it and the nation are one and inseparable.
Check out the president. He seems like a perfect match for the Towrahless one. He may be at 43, a few years too old, because he be 62 upon his death, but other than age, he's a dead ringer. He's both a boxer and an economist, both a banker and a politician, and he travels in very rich and powerful company. He's even a Nikolaitan named after the Greek god of victory. Nikola Gruevski...

Mike wrote: Hi Yada,

Nikola Gruevski, yes interesting, a Nikolaitan.

This guy, Igor Luksic is from Montenegro and is 6 years younger than Nikola and is the youngest prime minister in the world. He was born in Bar, Montenegro which is on the Adriatic coast, so I think that satisfies the he must come from an area of ancient Greece requirement. Igor seems to be better educated than Nikola. I am not sure of his parent’s religious backgrounds, Wikipedia says that he is Montenegrin Orthodox. Igor obtained a Master’s degree on 3 October 2002 on the topic: “Spontaneous Order and Transition” and a PhD on 10 September 2005 on the topic: “Transition – the Process of Achieving Economic and Political Freedoms.”[6] Besides speaking his native Montenegrin language, he also speaks English, French and Italian.
Montenegro will recognize Judaism as an official state religion, Prime Minister Igor Lukšić told a visiting delegation from the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE), including Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, during a meeting in Podgorica. “I will do everything I can to encourage this issue, whether through legislation or amending existing regulations,” Lukšić said during the meeting to Rabbi Metzger, who was accompanied by representatives of the local Jewish community.
Currently, Montenegro has three officially recognized religions: Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Islam.
Shabbat Shalom

Yada wrote: I agree based upon age and education. This is the area of the world to watch. It's all so timely and interesting. And who would have thought that between the two small failed countries we'd end up with so many tiny racial / religious states. Yugoslavia is almost beyond belief...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakup_of_Yugoslavia. It provides the small young country that can merge with two and then seven others.

I personally think that Igor Lukšić is someone to watch, he is better educated than Nikola Gruevski and the two theses that he wrote have interesting titles; “Spontaneous Order and Transition” and “Transition – the Process of Achieving Economic and Political Freedoms.”[6]

Time will tell.

Offline syeve  
#3 Posted : Tuesday, October 7, 2014 2:30:40 AM(UTC)
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Thx for the reply, Mike. It's good to be back to YY after a long absence, (computer tanked and did'nt get around to buying a new one until recently). I used the library comp from time to time to scope out YY. I was active on the forum around the time of what I call the 'Great Schism II', when the Great Galatians debate raged, (for lack of a beter word), and we lost KP and Swalchy. I understand why they had to go and found this saddening as I enjoyed their commentary and they were good guys. However, Pauline Lord worshippers and YY/Yahudi don't mix so life goes on...
Here are a few interesting tidbits about Macedonia and the Balkans in general.
The guy who carried Constantinople in 1453 (Mehemet II), was rather cosmopolitan in that he was willing to ease up on the sharia law thing and cut non moslems some slack. He figured this would enable a more varied, and thus wider, economic base. This infuriated the fundamentalist moslems and eventually cost Mehemet his life. It's widely believed that he was poisoned by his son who was hardcore mos. This assasination of course was the norm rather than the exception as patricide and fratricide succession procedure was more than less expected as the strongest/most brutal leaders are the ones the mos folks prefer.
On a more recent note, I found a book on the Balkans entitled 'The Balkans' written by Misha Glenny, (Penguin 1999, 726 pgs. including gloss/notes/biblio and index). It's a rather comprehensive history, (read dreadful oppression, warfare, genocide/mass murder, atrocity, etc.) of the Balkans from 1804-1999. Glenny talks about the line from the Baltic to the Persian Gulf and whoever controls this line would pretty much control the whole shebang which would include Europe, western/central Asia, middle east and Africa. This is of course no secret in which everybody whose anybody is certainly aware, such as the Russians, French, Brits and of course last but not least, the Germans who made a couple of stabs at this line but failed even though they came very close to pulling it off. The key to this line? Drum roll please, is Macedonia. Why? Macedonia is the only area/country in this region that is flat enough to facilitate a line of communication/logistics both rail and river transport,(via the Vardar river), which leads to the Aegean and thus to the Dard/Bosp sraits. To emphasize the import, ponder this quote from General Ludendorff the commander in chief of all German forces, "August 8th," (the start of the allied offensive in France and the beginning of the German collapse, parenthisis mine), "was the black day in the history of this war. This was the worst experience I had to go through, except for the events that, from September 15th onwards, that took place on the Bulgarian front and sealed the fate of the Quadruple alliance." This is a reference to the loss of Macedonia.
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