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#1 Posted : Saturday, October 5, 2013 6:39:06 AM(UTC)
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Knowing through study that there is a definitive day and time for Yah coming for His Family, do any of you have a opposite view of life in general compared to those around you, family, friends, etc? My wife and I have 6 children and knowing the day and time of Yahs return has actually made us more relaxed on topics such as education with our children, where we should live and raise our children, what our children should learn, etc. I feel much more relaxed and have less anxiety over the topic of the last days and what is all to happen to me and my family.

As a former Mormons we had views of pushing education and having the children obtain the highest levels of knowledge possible while here upon the earth. I am not stressed anymore about what their level of reading, writing and arithmetic are. This does not mean that I do no care, we continue to homeschool and teach those skills, we just do not try to rush or put too much emphasis on any one subject.

The most important subject is Yah and knowing him and discussing His Towrah. We also discuss our time in the Mormon and Christian lifestyles and how religion is wrong, along with politics, militarism and most socially accepted ways of life nowadays.

I am probably rambling but I wanted to reach out and find other parents who feel and are possibly practicing developing a relationship with Yah over education, finding a career, making more money, etc, the common ways of life we have grown up with and accepted as truth. I feel much more at peace and can actually enjoy my children much more. I do not feel guilty to actually have fun in life, to explore, learn, question and challenge and teach our children the same.

I have noticed that much of the things religion touts as sin and as things to stay away from are nowhere mentioned in the Towrah. If I use foul language whether by myself or around my children, I am not sinning nor am I going to hell. I have discussed this with my children and the fact that most religious people are very sensitive to foul language, including most of our extended families.

I have never heard my children repeat this language but it would not shock me if they did. For all I know religion was the vehicle to condition people to actually label particular words as "offensive" or "foul".

Would love to hear from others who have a whole different outlook on the next 10 years or so while waiting for Dad to come get us. We talk about it a lot with our children and they seem excited about it. At least I hope so cause I am.BigGrin
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#2 Posted : Sunday, October 13, 2013 11:50:35 AM(UTC)
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I'm happy as can be that I finally found The Way. I kinda feel like I barely made it, that I almost didn't find it (Towrah). But I'm so geeked it makes me dance around like a crazy kid all the time. I know people wonder lol!

My children are grown and have no interest. They have rejected the christian god and with it the desire to know any god including Yah. It's very sad. It's my fault, I didn't teach them - I wish I knew then. I find solace in knowing that they will simply cease to exist as opposed to spending eternity in "hell". Of course the Towrah does end up coming up in conversations as there are so many things in life that reflect the right/wrong, set apart to/from dynamic, etc., I just can't help myself ;-)

I find that my recent change in perspective has been beneficial in sooo many aspects of my life. I too find myself much more relaxed and much less anxious about just about everything. The absence of "plex" or "trippn'" (local colloquialisms) has made decisions much easier to make, things are getting done, my hubby likes me more, I'm happy as can be and life seems so much simpler! Granted, I have a job that pays my bills, but not much more. I can afford my hobby bit by bit (I'm a natural fiber spinning knitting crocheting weaving dying felting nut) and we eat relatively well, but there's not much left over every month. I really don't need anything more, though I used to think I did. (I really freaked out about "prepping", but had like hardly any budget and no support from hubby but he's since changed his mind a little bit.)
My husband (committed agnostic so far) and I adore each other and we are bestest friends. He sees the changes in me. I know he does. He's very observant. He's a thinker. It would be really cool if he was family and came with on Taruw'ah. He knows about it. We'll see. Some things take time and we have a little left... I can hope, but I'm no longer all strung out about it. I respect free will and I can understand how someone can be ok with just "stopping".

As I'm an auntie a few times over now and have known to use some VERY colorful language at times, these are my thoughts on the "bad" words.

As with any words, when used appropriately and accurately to convey your thought, I don't think they are a problem.
Excessive use of certain words esp with a derogatory meaning can communicate a verbal and mental laziness even if this is not the intent. There are often more accurate and specific words that can and should be used to clearly communicate your thoughts (so think before you speak).
The occasional outburst... It gets attention. Perhaps that is the intent. Perhaps it does not seem like there was time to think before it just popped out of the mouth. Address the issue that needed attention with thoughtful words and actions and get on with your lives.
Remember that the real bad words are the ones spoken by those who deceive by twisting and changing, removing and adding to Yahowah's Towrah and doing all that psychotic bullshit that fucked up the world.

My favorite thing to do these days is all about the Towrah and learning as much as I can. It's a most delicious food and I've become an addict in the best sense. I want to think about it all day and find connections in the little things. It has become my priority by default as it's always the first thing I gravitate to. I find I miss it when it's not in the foremost of my mind almost all the time...

You're a good dad you are Mr. Brim, I am soooo happy for your children and can't wait to meet them!

please be patient with me while I try to figure this out....
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