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Offline dajstill  
#1 Posted : Sunday, May 5, 2013 2:15:15 AM(UTC)
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Okay, so my kids often ask me things like "how big is Yahowah"? Well, in my thirst of drinking in physics I heard the concept of "Dark Energy" and got to thinking.

Here are some links on Dark Energy: http://science.nasa.gov/...eas/what-is-dark-energy/

In a nutshell, this is what is known about Dark Energy and why I would put this as "plausible"

1. It makes up between 68% - 72% of all the universe - roughly the exact same amount of water that covers the earth. This is the first thing that peaked my interest. Yahowah speaks so often of the Set Apart Spirit being water, covering us and light or energy. To see the exact same percentage of water on earth being the exact same percentage of "Dark energy" in the universe is amazing.

2. While little is known about Dark Energy (it wasn't discovered until the 1990's) we know that it is controlling the expansion of the universe. It is not confined by the "laws of gravity", it is actually Dark Energy that is in control.

3. It is the most abundant thing in space, and space is the most abundant thing on earth. Basically, everything is made of atoms, but most of atoms is space. For instance, if we removed the "space" from a tall building it would be miniscule - but very heavy. This would help see the ease at which Yahowsha can come onto earth, if He is a piece of the most abundant "thing" in the universe, He isn't "changing forms" to do on the earth, His energy is already abundantly here. However, Dark Energy is said to be pulling the universe apart - expanding it. Any more Dark Energy here on earth and it would be blown to smithereens. It also explains why things are going to be so powerful with Yahowsha' comes back on the scene with just a bit more energy/power.

4. Now, Dark Energy in relation to a Black hole - where satan and his ilk will be - a black hole is pretty much when a star - an abundant energy source - dies. However, it dies by having all of it "space" gone, it collapses on itself and the sheer force of trying to stand on it's own sends it hurdling into nothingness and taking everything near by with it. How fitting, satan decides he is going to be his own "god" and finds out seen enough he is nothing and collapses in on his own pride - into utter nothingness, the opposite of what he wanted to accomplish. However, the last stand of a soon to be black hole is the brightest thing in the universe, known as a super nova. The death of a star is spectacular and would definitely go along with the theme of satan's last stand in Revelation - bright, almost beautiful - then nothing.

5. It makes the whole moving to the heavenly realm from the earthly realm not so strange or spooky after all. If Yahowah is actually that elusive "Dark Energy" that we know is there, but know so little about - it makes joining the family of Yahowah make so much scientific sense. What is the scientific means of joining His Family, becoming like a First Born Son - you take on "His" Energy. You are already filled with space, like everything else in the entire universe. However, the nature of that space changes to not being simply controlled by Dark Energy, but being a part of Dark Energy. As He grows and expands, it is due to "you" joining Him. Everyone that is not a part of His family ceases to, you obliterate in His presence - there is too much of Him pulling at you and you are "different" and no match for His power. If you come before Him and you are like Him, you join Him - expanding Him (His Family). However, if you have chosen to oppose Him like the ilk of satan, He simply removes from you everything He created and lets you stand on your own - you collapse under the weight of it. What is known is that anything can become a black hole if it is made small enough - if it becomes "Paulus" or becomes enough like "Paul" you will simple collapse into your self and go into absolute and utter nothingness, becoming more and more nothing with each passing day.
Offline Anne  
#2 Posted : Sunday, May 5, 2013 4:17:16 AM(UTC)
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Hi Dajstill.

I was thinking the same about "dark energy". Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your insights are always intriguing. :)!
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#3 Posted : Sunday, May 5, 2013 5:10:52 AM(UTC)
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Interesting hypothesis, and noticed you used the term Dark ENERGY. I'll have to study further since only familiar with "dark matter". Wish scientist had coined something different than "DARK matter/energy" though. The more honest scientists will confess the term means "we haven't a clue" Blushing

Psa 18:11 He made darkness His covering; Around Him His booth, Darkness of waters, thick clouds of the skies.

Isa 45:3 ‘And I shall give you the treasures of darkness and hoarded wealth of secret places, so that you know that I, יהוה, who are calling you by your name, am the Elohim of Yisra’ĕl.

Isa 45:7 forming light and creating darkness, making peace and creating evil <CALAMITY>. I, יהוה, do all these.’

Yet, one is still matter so not sure can be equated to being Yah himself....maybe energy can
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#4 Posted : Sunday, May 5, 2013 7:18:43 AM(UTC)
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cgb2 wrote:
Interesting hypothesis, and noticed you used the term Dark ENERGY. I'll have to study further since only familiar with "dark matter". Wish scientist had coined something different than "DARK matter/energy" though. The more honest scientists will confess the term means "we haven't a clue" Blushing

Yet, one is still matter so not sure can be equated to being Yah himself....maybe energy can

Dark Matter and Dark Energy are two different things. Yes, a better term for "Dark Energy" would be "we have no idea what this is!". While NASA reports that Dark Energy is around 68% of the universe, Dark Matter is around 27%. That is why I thought Dark Energy seemed more likely to be what we can observe of Yahowah - literally expanding the universe at His will. But yes, Dark Energy is really an amazingly large, amazingly powerful bundle of energy driving the entirety of the universe.

Offline Richard  
#5 Posted : Monday, May 6, 2013 7:30:19 AM(UTC)
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I love it when someone like Dajstill, who is humiliatingly bright, shares some pretty complicated stuff in a way that even I can understand. Thanks, sis!
Offline dajstill  
#6 Posted : Tuesday, May 7, 2013 8:07:48 AM(UTC)
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Thanks Flintface BigGrin

It is really interesting because the more I dig, the more it all makes sense. One thing I never could understand is why create an entire universe for one little bitty planet (the earth is quite small in relation to the universe). The more I learn about the universe the more I feel that I can "see" the work of Yahowah. Once we look around and see that all that is around us, all that we see with our eyes is literally - dust, small little pieces of dust that appear grand because of the "space" the fills it. However, it is all nothing. What "is", what really and truly exist is the Dark Energy that is holding this entire universe together, while expanding it at the same time.

Last night my husband and I tried to imagine what Yahowah might really be up to following the 1,000 year reign of Yahowsha', what wonderful world He might have in store. We wondered what form our collective energy might take. I wonder if Seth ever looked at his mother and father and said "What was it like in the protected enclosure? What did the trees look like, what did the flowers smell like, what was it like to hear Yahowah walk in the coll of the day?"

If you ever want to just sit back and let your imagination run wild, visit this site: http://hubblesite.org/gallery/

It is filled with pictures from the Hubble Telescope. It is almost too much to even wrap your head around, what is Yahowah waiting to show His children? What does He have planned for us out there? I am giddy with anticipation. He is not wasteful, everything on this earth serves a purpose; now imagine this entire universe! I imagine His frustration; having created pigs and lobsters to serve as garbage collectors and constantly having to tell His children - "please, please, please stop eating out of the garbage - it will make you sick!" I see the need for his plan, He must have children that will obey His instructions before He is able to unleash us on this universe that He created. Can you imagine the damage we could do with the power of creation (literally, the ability to create) if we were hard headed children that wouldn't follow His guidance. It's like buying the most powerful chemistry set known to man and wanting desperately to give it to your son, knowing all the fun, excitement, and learning he could do. As much as you would love to hand it to him the day he was born, you know you have to wait. If you give it to him to early not only could he harm or kill himself, he could blow up the entire neighborhood. It is a good gift, a wonderful gift, a gift to boggle the imagination; but no caring Father would release it to a child not ready for the responsibility. I wonder what Adam "could" have done in the garden. I imagine whatever creative powers he had, they would be the equivalent of vinegar and baking soda compared to what will be in the hands of Yahowah's children in the universe. But yes, if you can't act right with baking soda and vinegar - no way can you be trusted with the power to create.

I think of my kids, oh how they love learning. I imagine them, in whatever form they will be - out there in the cosmos discovering all the amazing hidden treasures Yahowah has put out there to be discovered and enjoyed by His children. I don't know what they will remember of me, of their childhood - I don't know at all how it will work. But I am pretty sure they will still have some of their personalities they exhibit today and I imagine just how absolutely ecstatic they will be to explore some planet, maybe reach out in some form to grasp the fruit from a tree - maybe it will taste just like their favorite dessert I make for them and they might remember this gift my husband and I have given them - to raise them in the covenant. Maybe they will hear the wind blowing on some planet and just for one second they remember the songs I sing them as I hold them when they are sick. Maybe they will be gliding through the cosmos and brush against something soft and it remind them of the way I used to hold, rock, and kiss them as they nursed in my arms. But really, if they have no memory of their time here on earth at all, no memory of an earthly mother and father - I know they are going to so enjoy life with their true Father. I imagine Yahowah hoovering over them as they collect some rock, inspect some dust, or watch some lights dancing in the distance. In my mind's eye I can see that moment, I can see Yahowah laughing with glee as His children look in awe at the universe He created. He has been planning this for a long time, getting everything ready - expanding the cosmos so there is enough for each and every one of His children to enjoy for all of eternity. It is almost too much to take in, the extent to which He is going to make it absolutely perfect.

What a great Dad!
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#7 Posted : Saturday, May 11, 2013 11:36:37 AM(UTC)
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Your description of the wonder of discovery brought to mind something I saw on FB (see quote below). With Mother's Day approaching, I am especially mindful of my Heavenly Mother, the Set Apart Spirit who I can feel holding my hand as I slowly journey away from Babylon. I hope to be discovering the universe right alongside everyone in whatever form comes next.

"Your mother is always with you. She is the whisper of leaves as you walk down the street. She is the smell of certain foods you remember, the flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself. She is the cool hand on your forehead when you're not feeling well. She's your breath in the air on a cold winter's day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep. The colors of the rainbow, she is Christmas morning, Your mother lives inside your laughter. She is the place you came from, your first home, and she is the map you follow with every step you take. She is your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you, not time, not space...not even death. "-- unknown

Happy Mother's Day!
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#8 Posted : Monday, June 24, 2013 4:56:38 AM(UTC)
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I don't think YHWH "is "dark energy but what ever it is YAH created it.


We need to be carefully not to worship the creation as the sun was worshiped in the days of old.

But we can stand in awe at what YHWH has created!
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