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Offline Tiffany  
#1 Posted : Monday, August 13, 2007 10:23:15 PM(UTC)
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Psalm 118:8 Sukah-Tabernacles,
"It is better (towb-good and prosperous, more appropriate and sensible) to trust (batah- rely upon and put confidence in) in (ba) Yahuweh, than (min-by way of comparison it is) to trust (batah-rely upon and put confidence in, to believe) man (adam-humankind)."

"It is more appropriate and sensible to rely upon and place your confidence in Yahuweh, than to trust rely upon or believe humankind."

This makes sense to rely and trust only in Yahweh, of which there is no question. Total devotion to Yahweh is truly the best road in determining our eternal salvation.

As a direct comparison God is giving us an option, an alternative, and a choice--asking us to make a judgment call. It is either or. Yahweh has said that it is better to trust Him than it is to trust man. He is not suggesting that you should trust both. It is one or the other, It’s relationship or religion. It's the Word or the church. It's a referendum on revering God or fearing Him.

So where does that leave us in our relationship with the others who trust in Yahweh? What word would best fits to describe our relationships that allows for trust? I would say I trust people, but not in the same way so is there a way to trust without misleading or choosing religion over Yahweh...as I never want my wording such as I trust my family, to keep me from Yahweh. Can anyone clarify what we can and should do in this instance?
Offline kp  
#2 Posted : Tuesday, August 14, 2007 4:48:49 AM(UTC)
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We can learn something about ourselves by observing our "trust" patterns in less than critical situations. It the car breaks down, you trust a qualified, experienced mechanic to fix it. If the plumbing springs a leak, you call a plumber, not a chef or a dentist. Why? Because these people are experienced and knowledgable---they've been there and done that, hundreds of times. On the other hand, we (okay, I) have learned through our own experiences not to trust politicians and media spokespeople to be a reliable source of truth---they might or might not be, depending upon how well an issue meshes with their preconceived agenda.

So why do we (mankind, that is) trust our eternal souls to the opinions of people who have never experienced eternity? Why do we defer to the views of preachers and priests, mulahs and monks, rabbis and rebels, who have absolutely no experience in heavenly matters? What they've got is the recycled opinions of those who preceded them, not empirical evidence that what they're telling us is true and trustworthy. We would never trust our car transmissions to people with so little practical know-how.

No, if we want to know God, we've got to talk to Him, listen to what He has told us, and accept His "expert" advice. If we want our lives fixed, we need to be consulting with the One who created life. If we're going to trust anyone with eternal matters, it ought to be with One who dwells in eternity. Everything else is merely rumor, speculation, and guesswork.

Offline Jeff  
#3 Posted : Wednesday, August 15, 2007 4:43:33 PM(UTC)
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kp, right on. Talking, listening and accepting what He says that is the true sign of relationship. Relationship is the only thing that brings about real trust.
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