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#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 17, 2007 9:02:53 PM(UTC)
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I took the following material from: Book 7: The Last Days
…In the Company of Evil, 1 Paralambano - Accepted

The complete chapter can be found here: http://yadayahweh.com/pd...ast_Days_Paralambano.pdf

Perhaps we can start a more detailed discussion of each of the items listed on the survey.

To quote:

let’s conduct a quick survey of Yahuweh’s six plus one framework. It begins with six
being the number of man and one being the number of God. In Genesis man was
created on the sixth of seven days. In Revelation the number of man is given as
666. Our Creator says: “Hear O Yisra’el, your God is Yahuweh, your God is
One.” This God wrote His personal name, Yahuweh, comprised of four
consonants and three vowels, into His Scripture exactly 7,000 times. He included
His proper name as Savior, Yahushua, precisely 77 times. Seven is clearly
Yahuweh’s favorite number.

Scripture’s most important seven sevens are: One: In Genesis One there are
six days of creation plus a day of rest. This is symbolic of the six thousand years
of man after the fall followed a Millennial Sabbath. The six plus one accounting
provides the framework for all redemptive prophecy. Two: The Fourth
Commandment says there are six days for work and one for rest. It is symbolic of
the fact we cannot work for our salvation. Three: The Torah reveals that there are
seven Miqra. Six are Feasts and one (the Day of Atonement) is a Fast.
Represented by the seven light menorah lamp, the seven Miqra provide a
chronological and descriptive prophetic essay on the seven most important events
related to man’s reunification with Yahuweh. Four: The Seven Spirits of
Yahuweh/Yahushua depicted in Isaiah and Revelation. Each is represented by one
of Yahuweh’s seven metaphors. This subject is reasonably complex so I’ll defer
its discussion to the future chapter on sevens. Five: The seven advents of
Yahushua, ‘Yshaya’el/God existing as man. I’ll list these in a moment. Six: the
seven harvests of cleansed and set-apart souls. And Seven: The seven ekklesia
depicting the prevailing nature of the seven eras of past, present, and future
“church” history.

The paragraph that follows lists the seven advents of Yahushua. This was also quite a revelation for me and I have included it below:

The seven advents of Yahushua, of God existing as man, include: One: “God
walked in the Garden with ‘Adam—the first man with a nasamah/conscience.
(Genesis 3:8) Two: “Yahuweh appeared to Abraham” in the form of a “‘ysh/man
natsab/standing upright” God talked, walked, and ate with Abram as the
beriyth/covenant relationship was initiated. (Genesis 17 and 18) Three: In a
meeting that included a wrestling match with Satan, Yahushua blessed Ya’acob
making the trustworthy patriarch Yishra’el/one who strives with God. (Genesis
32) Four: God met with Moses during the forty day revelation of His
Torah/Prescriptions. (Exodus 24) Five: God revealed Himself, speaking to
Samuel near the Ark of the Covenant in Shiloh five times. The passage reveals:
“Yahuweh came, stood, and spoke to Samuel…appearing so as to be seen,
revealing and disclosing Himself as the Word of Yahuweh.” (1 Samuel 3) Six: A
“child was born unto us, a son was given,” when God came as a man to redeem
us. The sixth advent of ‘Yshayah’el/God Existing as Man began with His
incarnation in Bethlehem on the Miqra of Tabernacles in 2 BCE and ended with
His ascension from the Mount of Olives in 33 CE. (Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Daniel,
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) And Seven: Yahushua will return fulfilling the
remaining Messianic prophecies on the Day of Atonement in 2033. (Genesis 1,
Leviticus 23-25, Daniel 9, Hosea 6, Zechariah, Matthew 24, and Revelation)

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