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#1 Posted : Friday, July 4, 2008 5:10:08 PM(UTC)
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I read in Yada Yahweh that the Holy Spirit is feminine. I found this on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Spirit

There are numerous Christian groups who base their thinking in regards to the gender of the Holy Spirit on the fact that the Hebrew word for Spirit, Ruach, is feminine. They give no weight to the facts that the Greek word for Spirit (Pneuma) is neuter, and the Latin one is masculine, because the Logos ("oracles" - words) of God were are said to be given unto the Jews (Rom. 3:1, 2).

Foremost among these groups, and the most vocal on the subject are the Branch Davidian. In 1977, one of their leaders, Lois Roden, began to formally teach that the feminine Holy Spirit is the heavenly pattern of women. In her many studies and talks she cited numerous scholars and researchers from Jewish, Christian, and other sources.

Aren't the Greek manuscripts valid? If the Holy Spirit is feminine, isn't there an appropriate Greek word that could have been used to communicate this?

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#2 Posted : Saturday, July 5, 2008 6:07:09 AM(UTC)
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Plus you must remeber, its not about the spirit BEING female, its about the role "she" plays as a mother... The Spirit is as female as the Father is male... The image of a family is complete in the knowledge that the Spirit fills the role as mother.
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#3 Posted : Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:13:55 PM(UTC)
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Shalom and grace from daddy YAHUWAH everyone,
One thing I would like to mention is that as far as my understanding goes the set-apart spirit while have motherly, and feminine qualities isn't a person, but YAH's own spirit. It's more a statement that YAHUWAH has feminine and masculine characteristics. While not being human or a creature even. He isn't even really a man. That is a statement of dominance, but loving dominance. As a father.

Your loving brother,
Mike Br.
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#4 Posted : Thursday, August 14, 2008 5:48:55 AM(UTC)
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Blessings in YAH to all,

If I may wade in here - for what it's worth, I agree with BiynaYahu. It is only our fallen and unrighteous nature that even sees us attempting to assign gender to a SPIRIT. It simply cannot ever be our place to attempt such a thing - from within the physical confines in which we find ourselves.

It would seem to me to be a little like a couple of drunk Americans getting together to decide what a Chinese farmer working in his rice paddy might enjoy for lunch. It is nothing more than speculation, and an entirely unrewarding one at that.

For mine, the Spirit of YAH is no more feminine than HE is masculine, for these are both physical terms dependent largely upon certain physical attributes and physical hormones according to sexual requirements, but from where I sit; the spiritual realm has no need of such things.

As physical 'Americans', we would be far better employed in making our own physical and spiritual 'lunch' a nutritious one, than attempt any conclusion in regards the spiritual realm, which at best; we can only see dimly, and generally from a great distance.

Even so, YAH is the Loving Provider and SOURCE of all wisdom, such as a child might expect of his DAD, so via such a nature, we best refer to 'HIM', but I solemnly doubt this to be in any way a sexual orientation.

Grace and peace.

"So knowledge isn't the main measure, love of Yah and of each other is."
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