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#1 Posted : Friday, August 1, 2008 4:01:08 PM(UTC)
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Traveling cadaver show wants you
Body exhibit seeks donors in Boston

By Colin Nickerson, Globe Staff | July 9, 2006

GUBEN, Germany -- Dr. Gunther von Hagens, the German inventor of a body-preserving process called plastination, is always eager for volunteers, people willing to donate their corpses for his public anatomical displays. He says 6,800 individuals have pledged their mortal coils so far .

He hopes to add to that list when his traveling show reaches Boston later this month.

``Think of it as an alternative to being eaten by worms or going up in smoke," von Hagens said by phone from his Institute for Plastination in Heidelberg, Germany.

A donor might wind up as an exotic medical specimen (sliced, for example, into 1-millimeter-thick translucent body ``sheets") or as a featured whole-body exhibit in his occasionally condemned but wildly popular road show,

Body Worlds 2, which opens July 30 at the Museum of Science in Boston.

``My aim is to illuminate and educate through the beautiful arrangement" of bodies, he said. The 61-year-old physician, university lecturer, and anatomist-cum-artist's exhibitions of plasticized, partially dissected bodies -- an expectant mother cross-sectioned to reveal her unborn child, a man peeled to his musculature, carrying his skin like an old raincoat -- hover somewhere between the sublime and the unspeakable.

The Body Worlds exhibitions have attracted more than 18 million visitors on three continents and grossed an estimated $200 million, according to organizers. They also have been controversial: Police and prosecutors in at least four countries have investigated allegations -- none proven -- that von Hagens has purchased cadavers from grave robbers, prison wardens, bribed medical examiners, and other unsavory purveyors...

Read on

Another article:

The Amazing (freak show) human body exhibition
by Simon Willace Thursday May 11, 2006 at 04:04 PM

It is hard these days to get upset about any one subject, because there are so many things happening both locally and overseas that just should not be happening. Prioritising or ignoring has become an individual choice. The list is quite endless, but for everyone crime against humanity must come close to the top of the list...

Read entire article

Finally, a search on the topic produced this link to an interesting BBC news report:

BBC China Selling Prisoners Body Organs - Video
Medical institutes sell organs of executed prisoner's organ ...

1 min 49 sec
Yada attached the following image(s):
body world.jpg
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#2 Posted : Friday, August 1, 2008 11:53:11 PM(UTC)
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lol yea - we are thinking of going to see this next week as its just down the road from us at the moment :)
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#3 Posted : Tuesday, August 5, 2008 5:44:57 AM(UTC)
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Well we went today :)

And I must say it was increadable.

The complexity of the human body is awesome - the thought that evolutionary leaps controlled by chance, its just not possible.

If you get chance to see it, I would go - it was very tastefully done.

Any questions? Post away :)
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#4 Posted : Tuesday, August 5, 2008 10:50:47 PM(UTC)
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I certainly have a question, although it does not relate directly to this travelling exhibition.

Whilst I agree that the intricate and interwoven systems of the body are most exquisitely organised indeed, I have been pondering lately about the relevance of the ten plagues that Moses brought upon the disobedient Egyptians, and how each one relates directly to one of the ten bodily systems of the living organism - man being of course - at the top.

I can draw a direct relationship between (perhaps) nine of these plagues, however the other one or two are not yet so obvious to me, so I was wondering if anyone here might have a thought or two to add to this line of investigation?

As I see it right now, each plague was as a statement towards one of the systems that give physical expression to the life SPIRIT - of YAH, and just how it is by HIS ongoing provisions that we have the blessed luxury of each physical expression - whether we acknowledge it or not - combining, in the making up of the whole. So the refusal of the Egyptians to release their grip on their reverence towards the physical (as spiritual), presented the circumstances for YAH to display HIS authority - as also over the physical - via these ten plagues.

Therefore, following is a list of the plagues in order, and the respective bodily sysytem that each relates to - that each plague effectively attacks/nullifies. *The two with asterisks are those that I am still to see the fullness of correlation, and therefore at this stage - offer only a suggested linkage.

Plague -------------- Bodily System

Water to blood ----- Circulatory System
Frogs ---------------- Muscular System *
Gnats ---------------- Respiratory System *
Flies ----------------- Excretory System
Livestock ------------ Endocrine System
Boils ----------------- Dermal System
Hail ------------------ Skeletal System
Locusts -------------- Digestive System
Darkness ------------ Nervous/Sensory System
Death of Firstborn -- Reproductive System

So even though most of these correlations seem reasonably self explanatory, right now the only linkage I can see between the fogs to the muscular system, and the gnats to the respiratory; are relatively tentative; with the gnats being so small and plentiful that they would have been in just about every breath taken in by man and beast, thereby attacking the lungs. Even so, just how the frogs were a statement in regards the body's muscular system is still quite up for grabs.

Interestingly enough, which may or may not relate to this particular issue; unlike all the other plagues, there seems no evidence that the swarm of gnats were ever removed according to Pharaoh's seeking. So any help in these matters would be appreciated.

Grace and Peace to all,

"So knowledge isn't the main measure, love of Yah and of each other is."

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#5 Posted : Wednesday, August 6, 2008 1:42:05 AM(UTC)
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YAH is my FATHER wrote:

Frogs ---------------- Muscular System *
Gnats ---------------- Respiratory System *

Gnats? Have you ever watched the movie The Green Mile, it links up gnats (or they at least seem to be gnats) to the respiratory system, but in a Stephen King mystical sort of way!
Frogs? Don't know...
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