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#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 30, 2023 10:08:16 AM(UTC)
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My question may already be addressed in the ongoing re-write of some YY books, however not yet in the Questioning Paul (QP) books in this series. A few months ago Yada shared that he has come the remarkable realization that Dowd/David was annointed three times, and this indicates he would live in three periods of time, and with these is also the firstborn son of God, Redeemer and appointed Messiah. While I'm still chewing on this, I'm wondering how the 1st century figures commonly referred to as apostles apart from Paulos are to be understood in this context?

Did they recognize "Jesus" (Yahowsha) as the second appearance of Dowd/David?

Were his year 33 CE (4000 Yah) fullfilments of the first four Miqra witnessed by these apostles and others like the women at the empty tomb?

From the QP and other YY books I understand that much of the NT writtings are of doubious quality, but would still think if these 33 CE / 4000 Yah events had aware witnesses, they'd have made an effort to share what they observed and the signifigence. That's not to say other figures like Paul and Constantine wouldn't seek to appropriate any record these earlier witnesses would have made, kind of like how the earliest suriviving writtings we do have are in Greek rather than the language spoken by the locals in 1st century Yisrael.

Any thoughts? What is your understanding?

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#2 Posted : Monday, September 4, 2023 12:28:24 AM(UTC)
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My question remains if Dowd was in a non-descript body, how would anyone know for sure that
it was him fulfilling Chag Matsah? It would give the benefit of the doubt that people
just didn't recognize him as such much less as the Pesach Ayil.

The so-called Rabbi's of the day, SHOULD have known the time and hour when all of this
would have occured because of the Torah, Prophets, and Psalms.

The evidence that everyone requries is in the very book they (the religious) claim
is their salvation. While not every John and Jane Doe in ancient Israel
would know for sure, there were still priests around that should have know better.

While there may have been a group of individuals who knew who Dowd really was at the time,
something sinister happened at that time that completely oveshadowed what happened.
Concealing the events in pagan lore and forcing all to live in complete ignorance until
only just recently.
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#3 Posted : Tuesday, March 5, 2024 10:24:58 AM(UTC)
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My guess is that there were people in Yisrael/Israel at the time anticipating a Messianic figure to appear around 33 CE, and assumed he would be in the mold of King Dowd/David, which may explain the martial support Akiba's champion Shimown/Simon Bar Koziba/bar Kokhba - son of a star had in their war with Rome around a century later. To be charitible to the people living there at the time, I'm sure many would desire some deliverer to arrive and end the Roman occupation of their homeland, and be less focused on the fulfilment of Chag Matsah and its implications on seven step path to partipation in Yah's Covenant relationship described in the Towrah, Prophets and Psalms.

As for appearance, an earlier question I had from the derscription of Jesus and the transfigurtation was how the 12 recognized Moseh/Moses and Eliyah/Elijah. Did they have statues and paintings of these figures that would make them recognizable to them? Were their images on the coins used in the temple or something?

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