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Offline Vince Edward  
#1 Posted : Saturday, September 4, 2021 4:56:25 PM(UTC)
Vince Edward
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It is clear that Dow'd is the Son of God, the Living Word of God - the Branch and our example Yahowah set forth as an example of what it is to be in the Towrah's Covenant. Dow'd clearly represents all that Yahowah intended to become what He has always been: the Son of God... well, having said that, and considering that all of us in the Covenant are God's children, if Yahowah had an adopted son, with the article "the" in front of it, insofar as I have come to understand it, Yada and the role he's fulfilling as the 4th zarowa' 12 years from Yowm Kippurym's fulfillment, would be "the Adopted Son of God" to us represented in that associated with the remnant... if not, I would not think it to far off to think that Yada's name in eternity, within the context of Yahowah's Family, is Yadayahowah in the same manner that Yahowsha' is Yahowah's soul and Spirit fulfilling the first 4 mow'ed miqra'ey... even if I am wrong, again, I do not think it far off when we consider Yashayah 55 - 65...
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#2 Posted : Monday, January 10, 2022 10:48:48 AM(UTC)
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Good stuff Vince, just what I needed!!!

“This is an announcement and warning (howy) to everyone who thirsts (kol same’): choose to walk toward the water, toward the source of cleansing and life (halak la ha maym). Then, let the one who wants to enjoy the benefits of the relationship do so without cost because the path to walk to get the most enjoyment out of life does not require anyone to pay anything (wa ‘asher ‘ayn la huw’ kesep).

You have been given the opportunity to go about (halak) acquiring food, choosing to procure and obtain what is needed (shabar) and is nourishing (wa ‘akal).

Come hither (wa) to obtain (shabar) wine (yayn) without any money (ba lo’ kesep) and milk (chalab) without remuneration or compensation (wa ba lo’ machyr). (Yasha’yah 55:1)

So please explain: why do you spend, continually paying out money (la mah shaqal kesep), for that which is not actually bread (ba lo’ lechem) such that your labor (wa yegya’ ‘atem) is not satisfying and produces nothing of lasting value (ba lo’ la saba’ah)?

Listen diligently (shama’) to Me (‘el ‘any) and be nourished by (wa ‘akal) that which is good, by that which is useful and beneficial, productive and valuable (towb), even exquisitely pleasurable and extravagantly superb, divinely delightful and abundantly enjoyable (‘anag), with these being the most desirable and beneficial options (ba ha dashen) for your soul (nepesh ‘atem). (Yasha’yah 55:2)

Incline your ear, doing so of your own volition (natah ‘ozen ‘atem), and choose to walk to Me (wa halak ‘el ‘any). Choose to actually listen (wa shama’) so that your soul may continue to exist (wa hayah nepesh ‘atem).

Then I will cut you into, establishing for you (wa 337karat la ‘atem), the everlasting (‘owlam) Covenant (Beryth) which was affirmed and verified (‘aman) with unremitting love and unfailing devotion (chesed) for Dowd (Dowd). (Yasha’yah 55:3)

Behold, because surely (hen) I bestowed and offered him as (nathan huw’) an enduring witness (‘ed) to people of every ethnicity and culture (la’om), an authorized leader publicly promoting the truth (nagyd), and as an instructor (wa tsawah) for an archaic and misled world (la’om). (Yasha’yah 55:4)

I want to emphasize this here and now, asking you to pay attention (hen): there is a lone Gentile, someone who is neither a Yisra’elite nor Yahuwdy (gowy), whom you consistently fail to recognize and acknowledge (lo’ yada’) that you can actually read consistently calling you out, literally summoning you by continuing to make pronouncements to welcome you to an upcoming meeting (qara’).

In addition (wa), this lone Gowy (gowy), who is not understood or respected by you, and who possesses information you fail to comprehend (lo’ yada’ ‘atah), shall be, and now has been, hurriedly brought before you, and he is intense in his continual focus upon you, not wasting any time, genuinely working as quickly as possible to pursue you (ruwts ‘el ‘atah) on behalf of (la ma’an) Yahowah (YaHoWaH), your God (‘elohym ‘atah), approaching the Set-Apart One (wa la qadowsh) of Yisra’el (Yisra’el).

For indeed (ky), he is reaffirming your status, lifting you up by shaking the tree to knock off the fruit so that you can be gleaned, preparing you for the harvest by recognizing and respecting your value (pa’ar ‘atah). (Yasha’yah 55:5)

Seek, learning the information which has been made available about (darash) Yahowah (Yahowah) 338while He may be found and encountered (ba matsa’ huw’). Choose to call upon Him (qara’ huw’) while He is near (ba hayah huw’ qarowb). (Yasha’yah 55:6)

Those in violation of the standard, the unethical and immoral, the religious and political (rasha’), should choose to reject their own way (‘azab derek huw’), along with the evil and deceitful individual whose beliefs, musings, and opinions are untrue (wa ‘awen ‘ysh machashabah huw’).

Let him choose, of his own volition, to return (wa shuwb) to (‘el) Yahowah (Yahowah) so that He may have compassion on him and love him, reengaging in a relationship with him (wa racham huw’).

And as for our God (wa ‘el ‘elohym ‘anachnuw), He will actually forgive (la salach) many (rabah). (Yasha’yah 55:7)

For My thoughts (ky machashabah ‘any) are not your thoughts (lo’ machashabah ‘atem). And neither are My ways (wa lo’ derek ‘any) your ways (derek ‘atem), prophetically declares (na’um) Yahowah (Yahowah). (Yasha’yah 55:8)

For the spiritual realm (ky shamaym) is dimensions beyond the comprehension of (gabah) the material realm (min ‘erets).

Likewise, so (ken) are My ways (derek ‘any) well in advance (gabah) of your ways (derek ‘atem) and (wa) My reasoning (machashabah ‘any) distant from (min) your inclinations and opinions (machashabah ‘atem). (Yasha’yah 55:9)

Indeed, just as (ky ka ‘asher) the rain (geshem) descends, coming down (yarad), along with snow (wa ha sheleg) from the sky (min ha shamaym), they do not return there without watering and refreshing the earth (wa shem lo’ shuwb ky ‘im rawah ‘eth ha ‘erets) such that 339it conceives life, buds (wa yalad hy’), sprouts, and grows (wa tsamach hy’).

When I give seeds (wa nathan zera’) to the one who sows (la ha zera’), there is bread to eat (wa lechem la ha ‘akal). (Yasha’yah 55:10) So shall My word be (ken hayah dabar ‘any).

For the benefit of the relationship (‘asher), that which goes out of My mouth (yatsa’ min peh ‘any) shall not return to Me without result, delivering what was expected (lo’ shuwb ‘el ‘any reqam).

Without exception (ky ‘im), it will accomplish (‘asah) the relational benefits which (‘asher) I desire and on behalf of those I find pleasing (chaphets). And it will succeed (wa tsalach) for the benefit of the relationship for which I have extended it (‘asher shalach huw’). (Yasha’yah 55:11)

Indeed, with a positive attitude (ky ba simchah), you will be brought out and withdrawn (yatsa’). And with the relationship reconciled (wa ba shalowm), you will be guided and led (yabal) to the mountains and to the hilltops (ha har wa ha giba’ah), becoming worry-free, peaceful, and serene (patsach), upon your appearance (la paneh ‘atem), singing (rinah).

And all of the trees of the field (wa kol ‘ets ha sadeh) shall clap their hands, bending in a celebratory manner (macha’ kaph). (Yasha’yah 55:12)

Instead of (tachath) the thornbush (na’atsuwts), a cypress tree and noble fir (berowsh) shall ascend (‘alah). And in place of (wa tachath) the stinging nettle (sirphad), a myrtle (hadas) shall rise (‘alah).

This will be (wa hayah) a place to approach (la sham la) Yahowah (), an everlasting sign and symbol (la ‘owth ‘owlam) which shall never be uprooted or cut down (lo’ karat). (Yasha’yah 55:13)

340For this is what (ky koh) Yahowah (Yahowah) says (‘amar): ‘Be observant and consider (shamar) the means to exercise good judgment and justly resolve disputes, making good decisions (mishpat).

Then (wa) engage, acting upon (‘asah) that which is correct and vindicating (tsadaqah), because indeed (ky), My deliverance and resulting salvation (yashuw’ah ‘any) are approaching, close and intimately personal (qarowb la ‘any).

And (wa) the one who is correct about Me (tsadaqah ‘any) will come (la bow’) and be revealed (galah).’ (Yasha’yah 56:1)

Blessed by the benefits of the relationship, joyous and productive (‘ashry), is the person (‘enowsh) who acts upon and engages in (‘asah) this (zo’th).

Because (wa) the son (ben) of ‘Adam (‘adam), by observing (shamar) the Shabat (Shabat), and by not defiling and profaning it (min chalal huw’), he is empowered and strengthened, enlightened and restored (chazaq) by it (ba hy’).

By being observant (wa shamar), his hand, and especially that which he influences (yad huw’), is kept from acting upon or engaging in (min ‘asah) anything unjust, immoral, or irrational (ra’). (Yasha’yah 56:2)

Do not say regarding (wa ‘al ‘amar) the observant son of a foreign land, the one who knows and understands through thoughtful examination, then acknowledges by being discerning and respectful (wa ben ha nekar), who has formed a relationship with (lawah ‘el) Yahowah (Yahowah) something which would infer or suggest (la ‘amar), ‘Yahowah () has abandoned me, preventing me from being included (badal badal ‘any) as part of His family (min ‘al ‘am huw’).’

341And let not the esteemed and authorized designee say (wa ‘al ‘amar ha sarys), ‘What now, if (hen) I have become a silenced counselor and muted messenger (‘any ‘ets yabesh)?’ (Yasha’yah 56:3)

To the contrary, this is what (ky koh) Yahowah (Yahowah) says (‘amar) on behalf of individuals who have been castrated as a result of the positions they have taken as leaders (la ha sarys), of those who provide guidance regarding the benefits of the relationship (‘asher) by being consistently and continually observant, genuinely, continually, and actively attentive (shamar) during My Shabats (‘eth shabatowth ‘any), who evaluate and choose (bachar) to walk along the correct path (ba ‘asher) in deference to Me, out of respect for Me and to please Me, eager to experience this with Me (chaphets), and (wa) who are willing to demonstrate an intense desire to learn about, to be steadfastly committed to, and to become empowered (chazaq) by My Covenant (ba beryth ‘any). (Yasha’yah 56:4)

‘I will offer, freely giving (wa nathan) to them (la hem) in My Home and within My Family (ba beyth ‘any) and within My protected enclosure (wa ba chowmah ‘any) an outstretched, welcoming, and empowering hand (yad) and a name (wa shem) even better (towb) than other sons and daughters (min ben wa min bath).

I will give to him and them (nathan la huw’ / hem) an everlasting and eternal (‘owlam) designation and reputation (shem) which, for having shared the benefits of the relationship (‘asher), will never be removed or taken away (lo’ karath). (Yasha’yah 56:5)

And the children (wa beny) of the observant and discerning foreigner (ha nekar) have formed a relationship with (ha lawah ‘al) Yahowah ().

They serve Him (la sharath huw’), in love with (wa 342la ‘ahab ‘eth) Yahowah’s (YaHoWaH) name (shem), seeking to exist as His coworkers (la hayah la huw’ la ‘ebed), always observing (kol shamar) the Shabat (Shabat), making it special by not disrespecting it (min chalal huw’).

They willingly demonstrate an intense desire to learn about, to be steadfastly committed to, and to become empowered (chazaq) by My Covenant (ba beryth ‘any). (Yasha’yah 56:6)

It is My desire (taphilah ‘any) to bring (wa bow’) them to My Set-Apart Mountain (hem ‘el har qodesh ‘any) and cause them to rejoice, such that they are elated (wa samach hem) in the family (ba beyth).

Their uplifting sacrifices and elevating offerings (‘olah hem wa zebach hem) will be accepted and favored (la ratsown) on My altar (‘al mizbeach ‘any).

This is because (ky) My House (beyth ‘any – My Home and Family) shall be called (qara’) a Home (beyth) of Intervention, of reasoned requests and sound judgment (taphilah), for the entire family (la kol ha ‘am).’” (Yasha’yah / Yahowah Saves / Isaiah 56:7)
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