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Offline LoYada  
#1 Posted : Thursday, August 26, 2021 2:38:23 PM(UTC)
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Lately I've been thinking about all the "miracles" of modern life and how they fit into
walking away from "Babylon".

For example: Technologies like computers, the internet and cell phones:

I discovered YHWH thanks to computers, the internet and cell phones. And have enjoyed
my feeble attempts to translate His Word through different websites. Yet these same
technologies are the source of what seems to be infinite confusion and appear to be
progressivly enslaving human minds. I get that it's how we use these technologies,
but at what point do we walk away from once usefull tools that have evolved into
shackles of oppression?

Offline Kmcarr05  
#2 Posted : Saturday, August 28, 2021 4:13:51 PM(UTC)
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Babylon is Religion and Politics, all the ideas that are with baal or bel the lord. when using our neshama correctly we are able to use tools like Internet and computers to filter out the ra and discern the towb. For me it is not about good or evil in a religious sense but about what is tsadeq or correct and productive on following Yahs derek. I stay out of Babylon by seeking his ways not mans way. Shamar Torah and you cant go wrong.
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matt on 8/30/2021(UTC)
Offline ehadahaba  
#3 Posted : Tuesday, November 2, 2021 12:15:03 AM(UTC)
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Babylon is reversal of Tower of Babel and dispersal of nations. All world speaking one language and "nothing impossible" and tower to heaven(s). Babel means "mixture/babble/confusion" and "gateway + God".
The harlot's cup in Revelation is a mixing cup.
Compare Babylon of Daniel's time. In the time of the apostles it was used for Rome (and now Vatican or "Mother Church") the "Cosmopolis". "all roads lead to Rome"; Cato expelled moneylenders, spoke against alien influences; Cicero calls Rome a city formed from confluence of nations; Lucan says Rome not peopled by its own citizens but by scourings of world; "complaint of indigenous natives that capital had attracted vices of the universe & manners of opposite nations"; Constantius marvels at the haste with which all human beings of the world flock to Rome.

Revelation seems to imply it is Rome (7 hills etc). Peter passed on news from "Babylon" (which many think means he was there himself but which from my study may only mean he was passing on greeting from there but was not there himself*).
Catholic means "universal".
Pope JP2 Founded World Youth Day 1984.
Pope JP2 visted 129 countries.
2005 pope funeral "broadcast to every corner of the globe".
2009 Benedict xvi encyclical "super-UN".
2014 "pope" Francis gives orb with cross on it to Queen Elizabeth which the BBC said symbolizes "christian" royal dominion over the globe/world. (Catholic means "universal".)
2015 Pope Francis "new global authority" / "fix world"?

* 1 Peter 5:13 is similar to and might even be refering to either Hebrews 13:24 or Philippians 4:22 or Titus 3:15 or 2 Timothy 4:21, andnd/or 2 John 13 or 3 John 14.
Offline LoYada  
#4 Posted : Tuesday, November 2, 2021 3:14:31 PM(UTC)
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Do any of man's institutions lead towards YHWH?
Offline InHisName  
#5 Posted : Monday, January 10, 2022 10:30:57 AM(UTC)
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Hi LoYada,

Look around you. At this point the entire world is Babylon. We are back to one language. Almost back to one government. Governments, Religions, Corporations, Media, Military, Big Tech, which of these do you trust to tell you the truth? None I hope. They are all corrupted, they are all spinning private and colluded lies, deception and confusion. You can not physically walk out of Babylon anymore. That is why Yah is coming to cleanse the Earth.

All we can do today is hang on to Yahowah's Word for dear and eternal life. And where we have the ability and opportunity gather those around us who are willing to hear His Word and walk to Him.

Only Yahowah's Word leads to Yahowah. His Beryth Family Covenant is the only place on Earth where His Word Lives.

Hang on Brothers and Sisters, We are on a downhill slide to the end and the pace will only get faster.

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