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Offline Kmcarr05  
#51 Posted : Saturday, August 28, 2021 6:34:57 PM(UTC)
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I comprehend Yadas stance on the vaccine. He clearly states for religious or conspiracy reasons. For me taking a vaccine has nothing to do with the mark if such a thing even exists. It ain't in the Torah. There will come a time when Yahs Shem will become an important division among folks. As I see it as long as I strive to be tsadaq and keep my allegiance to Yah then the swamp I have to navigate everyday to survive is akin to the 7 guidelines written in stone as far as they are scribed in the imperfect. As soon as we stop doing those things (Lying, cheating, stealing, murdering... ECT) we are good to go. If I have to get a mark to eat or trade or survive then I will. What I will not do is deny Yahowah Elohay. Anything else is for His tsaba to bail me out of. I am Adam. I make mistakes. I just need to learn from them. I have not been jabbed. I am never the tip of the spear. If I survive Covid through March of next year then I will see if it becomes necessary to get the jab. I live 2 miles from the nearest human and I wear an N99 with a charcoal filter anytime I go to town. My situation is unique to me and I don't fault folks for or against the jab... Freewill rocks.
Offline LoYada  
#52 Posted : Monday, November 1, 2021 11:43:35 PM(UTC)
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Does Yada mean... avoid researching or discussing conspiracy as defined by Merriam-Webster?
or is he re-defining the word to mean "conspiracy theory"? or both?
Offline matt  
#53 Posted : Tuesday, November 2, 2021 6:44:05 PM(UTC)
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I can't speak for him, but contextually and historically, Yada's commentary on this matter seems directed towards the chemtrail/flat Earth/International Jew/Building Seven type nonsense and the like. These things are counterproductive at best, and lead to horrible evil at worst. They are destructive of all credibility. Imagine the name of Yahowah associated with any of that foolishness!

Yada has always been an advocate for facts, evidence, and reason, so I have never inferred from his criticisms that he is implying conspiracies do not exist, or shouldn't be pointed out when evident.
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#54 Posted : Tuesday, January 11, 2022 12:11:22 PM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: LoYada Go to Quoted Post

Does Yada mean... avoid researching or discussing conspiracy as defined by Merriam-Webster?
or is he re-defining the word to mean "conspiracy theory"? or both?

Hi LoYada,

To me the issue with conspiracies/conspiracy theories is that they take our attention away from Yahowah. Conspiracy theories, true or not involve Babylon/Mitsraym, man's devices of subjugation. Tilting at these windmills is fruitless, they are Yahowah's to deal with, and He will, soon.

There is only one conspiracy theory that we need to be concerned with and that is the confusing and obscuring of Yahowah's Word and that has been ably handled by Yada. So, this is the only conspiracy theory we need to be concerned with. First to learn and understand the Truth of Yahowah's Word and then to encourage and help others to step onto the path.


By the way, what is your meaning of LoYada?

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