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#1 Posted : Monday, August 31, 2020 3:19:59 PM(UTC)
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I'll admit that the first time I heard that statement from Yada, I was taken back a bit. But I got to thinking.

The garden is walled, to keep the rest of humanity out. Everything in the garden is appropriate in that Yahowah, Himself, walks in the enclosure. It's not a stretch to realize that everything in the garden was created and placed by Yahowah. Which means that the knowledge associated with the tree would have been placed by Yahowah as well. We know that Yahowah writes of both good and "evil" in the Towrah, so it makes sense that this information can be associated with the tree.

However, I'm not so sure that Yahowah would be in an enclosure with man's errant and "evil" creations (bible, quran, talmud).

Adam and Chawa were already exposed fully to the good. Being exposed to the "evil" now requires proper choices, which can't be made in the garden, and they are expelled. Notice that they are now required to "work" for their "food," which I assume means they must now sift through man's errant wisdom to find Yah's message. This, to me, is where the bible, quran, and talmud come into play.

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Reese85 on 9/4/2020(UTC)
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#2 Posted : Friday, October 2, 2020 8:12:10 AM(UTC)
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Hi Chrud. thanks for your response. I think we are on the same page. It wasnt that the delusions of religion were that tree of the knowledge of good and evil but sort of the gateway to having to sift thru it. I just disagreed that the Towrah is both good and evil but I do see that it shines the light on the corruptions so therefore it has information on evil if that makes sence.

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#3 Posted : Friday, November 26, 2021 3:11:42 PM(UTC)
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Every time I attempt to contemplate YHWH's perspective regarding His children turning
their collective backs on Him (for melenia now), I cry. It's happning as I write. Is
that where all the water in the universe came from? Yah's tears?

I awoke in this state today but then started pondering The Tree of The Knowlege
of good and bad.

It is a fruit tree.

I have fruit trees. The fruit starts out as a flower. The bees and the wind polinate the
flowers. The flowers transform into fruits but this takes time. The fruits are most
beneficial when they are ripe. Even then I don't consume the entire fruit. I never
intensionally eat the seeds and avoid the skin. I used orange and lemon rind at
times but not usually. So, unless one consumes the flowers, the immature fruit, the leaves,
the branches, and the roots... it it impossible to consistantly eat of IT without missing
the most beneficial part at times.

I have also been pondering if there would be any benefit to knowing if two or more people are
making plans to do me harm.


If it was true (ripe fruit) and I was being conspired against, it would be beneficial to have
this information. I could contemplate my counter measures and respond appropriatly.
BUT! If the information regarding the conspiracy was incomplete or false (not ripe fruit or
some other part of the tree), What would I be consuming? It sure doesn't sound beneficial...

Was Chawah the first conspiracy theorist?

Is the Tree of the knowlege of good and bad about conspiracy?

or do I need to check into the Loony Bin again?

That "walking in a winter wonderland" song always bothered me because of the word conspire.
Turns out I'd been blinded by the constant negative use of the word conspiracy! But it isn't
always negative. It can also mean to join or act together; combine, also to plan or plot
secretly. How do people behave in groups? If acting on bad/incomplete information/knowlwdge
(usually the case) the results have been historically discusting. Is YHWH advising Adam and
Chawah (and the rest of his children) to avoid conspiring because of the obvious danger?

Trust and rely on YHWH. Look what excluding Him leads to!

I am also wondering how many times they ate of the tree of knowledge? It sure didn't sound like
they had made a habit of it or even consistantly ate of it (perhaps that part was meant for those
that followed). Why did Yah "curb alert" them after the first time?

Or is my left brain gasslighting my right brain again? hahaha

...and Strongs does mention da'ath can mean premeditate. I don't
see how the pictograms confirm or expand on that concept tho...

am I barking up the wrong tree? hahaha

...and finally

Why would YHWH provide Adam and Chawah with a neshamah (the ability to
discern good from bad) then instruct them not to make a habit or consistantly
eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad?

The serpent conspired with chawah then she expanded that conspiracy by including
Adam (all in secret, excuding YHWH).

hineh 'e-hayah LoYada! hahaha

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