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Offline maet  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, April 10, 2018 1:07:39 PM(UTC)
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Hello I am new to this forum and I have finished reading 'An Introduction to God' yesterday. It was a really good read and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Yah and I have started observing His instructions, which is way more fun than I expected.
Years ago, I was deceived into doing New Age practices which led to me eventually going down a horrid route of Gnosticism (this basically tries to prove that YHWH is evil which is very far from the truth).Christian beliefs such as eternal torture didn't help either.
I ended up doing meditation, sorcery, praying to false deities etc. which led to me being tormented. I may have even prayed to the adversary as it mis-quotes scripture to prove lucifer and satan as separate entities, and that one is good and the other is bad which is false. I didn't do any rituals or sacrifices or weird stuff, but I am worried about whether I said anything that I shouldn't have.
Didn't help that the purposefully mistranslated parts of the Bible spoke of human sacrifice but now I know not to pay attention to that. What I don't understand is the same people who call Yahowah evil are part of the same group that changed His Word. I was deceived and I would never have done it if I knew the truth about Yah.
Obviously I ditched my wicked ways after being tormented. It would go away but would resurface if I ever watched consp-racy videos, or if someone mentioned occult things to me.
Don't watch conspiracy videos they are a waste of time I realise that now. Studying Yah's word is a lot more relaxing and it is a better way of spending your time.
I ended up by chance coming across links to An Introduction to God and Yada Yah in the comment sections of a YouTube video and thank Yah that I clicked them. I felt compelled to.

So the questions I have are:
Ezekiel 18:4 says that Yahowah owns all souls. Does this mean He has complete control over what happens to You?
Nothing can stop me from having a full relationship and spending eternity with Yah?
Can I be forgiven for my wicked acts - I have turned from all wickedness that I know of, or I at least make a conscious effort to do so?
I am pretty much the only follower of Yah in my family, meaning that they will probably refuse to remove leavened bread from the house next year. Does this mean that I cannot celebrate unleavened bread, even if I eat unleavened bread? I don't really want to risk correctly celebrating Pesach to find eternal separation from Yah. So yeah...
Thank you in advance!
Offline James  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 11, 2018 8:04:04 AM(UTC)
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First welcome to the forum, we are happy to have you. I am glad you have come to know and understand more about Yahowah through An Introduction to God. Never stop coming to know and understand more and more. As with all relationships our relationship with Yahowah is always growing and there is always more to learn.

Second I would point out that Yahowah's instructions are most always written in the imperfect form, meaning they speak of ongoing and habitual actions. This is the best news in the world for all of us, since we have all been guilty of not following these instructions at one time or another. But as soon as we cease doing them we are no longer guilty of them, and if we avail ourselves of Yahowah's plan through His Covenant than we are declared Tsdaq, righteous, by Him. So regardless of what false paths you went down in the past, as soon as you turned around and found Yah’s path your past no longer matters.

As for the Ezekiel verse just at first glance it does not indicate that Yahowah controls what happens, it appears to be Yahowah asserting His authority to deal with souls as He sees fit. I will try and look deeper into the verse as time permits, and see what the Hebrew actually says.
Don't take my word for it, Look it up.

“The truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.” ― Ayn Rand
Offline InHisName  
#3 Posted : Wednesday, April 11, 2018 10:08:46 AM(UTC)
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Hi Maet,

Welcome to the forum.

We all have a past life that in one way or another took us off Yah's Path. As James said, you can leave that life behind you, Yah has dealt with it.

My insight into Ezekiel is a general perspective on Yah's ownership of the universe. Yes He owns all souls, as He is the Creator of all, He is the owner of all. He owns all souls including the adversary and his allies, including those who ignore Him, including his Covenant family.

In His plan for this world He has already shown his ownership of all souls through His determination of the outcome for all souls via the "three doors". Death of the soul of those who ignore Him, eternal punishment for the souls who worked against His plan and eternal life with Him as a member of His Covenant family.

I don't know how to view it better than ownership. That said, it is a loving family relationship that He desires to have with us. He wants to be Father not Master. Hence we all have the freedom to choose which of the three doors we walk through.

Regarding the Feasts, the understanding is more important than the doing. Make sure you understand, then do your best to OBSERVE His teaching.

This brings up a question that I have regarding observing the Feast days with non-Covenant friends/family. It has been my understanding that Passover is not to be attended by non-Covenant members, but it sounded like Yada had both sons at his Passover meal. Does anyone have any better/new insight into this?

Offline maet  
#4 Posted : Wednesday, April 11, 2018 12:32:26 PM(UTC)
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Thank you for your quick response that is a relief. My mind was paranoid since I can't remember whether or not I had made any pledges/oaths/vows verbally. Are these void if I have made any? I have renounced all the wickedness I know of verbally, and I have made sure to turn from it all. By Ezekiel 18:4 I meant to say: Does this mean that He would redeem anyone who has submitted to the adversary in the past through deception, so long as they do His will now? But then again, most religions do this through LORD, Ba'al, Allah, etc. So maybe I am being paranoid. Back then I didn't really know how to investigate things for myself (thank you education system). I didn't do any rituals, but I have seen videos on YT talking about 'selling souls'. I didn't do that, but I was worried that submission was equal to that? I didn't do any deals obviously I wasn't that ignorant. From Ezekiel 18:4 that appears to be impossible, no? So IMO, it is probably the people's intention. What would you say about this?

Thank you again.
Offline InHisName  
#5 Posted : Thursday, April 12, 2018 9:50:11 AM(UTC)
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I would suggest returning to ITG and rereading Vol 4 His Covenant. It is a lot to take in at one reading, I think a review will begin to take your knowledge to a state of understanding.

Here is my simplification of the Covenant steps:

Walk away from Babylon. Yah is aware of where we came from, He knows we have baggage. (just be sure to leave it behind)
Walk towards Yahowah. This is the knowledge and understanding part, the time when you hopefully come to know, love and trust Yahowah.
Walk with Yahowah. Decision time. YOU make the decision to accept Yah's covenant invitation and join the Family.
Live with Yahowah. Continue to learn and grow through Yah's teaching.
Raise your children in Yahowah. Circumcise your sons.

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maet on 4/29/2018(UTC)
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