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Offline gammafighter  
#1 Posted : Monday, December 3, 2007 5:30:16 PM(UTC)
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Does anyone know about the Golden Compass? Have you read it or the other books of the series? Apparently it's about killing Yahweh.

In the final book of the series, "The Amber Spyglass," “God” is portrayed as a phony and liar. Will is told by two fallen homosexual angels that “The Authority” goes by many names including, "God, the Creator, the Lord, Yahweh, El, Adonai, the King, the Father, the Almighty,” although “he was never the creator.” “God” was just the first angel to be created from “Dust.” By the series’ end, the characters succeed in killing him.


One classically Satanic move that I notice right away is the Straw Man. The character that supposedly represents YHWH is nothing like the real YHWH. Also notice that the books, and especially the movie, start off seeming innocent enough. The whole point is to get people, primarily kids, interested in the story and then drench the whole thing in Atheistic propaganda.

Another good reason that this movie is obviously a bad thing? Churck Norris said so
Offline coleridge  
#2 Posted : Tuesday, December 4, 2007 10:03:42 AM(UTC)
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that movie kinda offended me.... but it's the way of the world... what do you do?
let YHWH be true, and every man a liar
Offline Icy  
#3 Posted : Tuesday, December 4, 2007 12:53:46 PM(UTC)
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I had looked into this before it was posted on here, and the movie looks alright, just a basic fantasy sort of movie. That is the plan though. The author of the book has specifically stated that he wanted the movie to be easy to swallow with nothing really offensvie, so then parents will feel comfortable letting their imprssionable children read the books and then come away with his athiest view of things.
Offline J&M  
#4 Posted : Thursday, December 6, 2007 3:28:45 AM(UTC)
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I have read the trilogy but not seen the film, we must remember that Pullman is an atheist and therefore thinks that he has no 'religion' at all. In the books, the god he described (and kills) is recognisable as the god of roman catholicism, hence the wailing and gnashing of 'traditional teeth'.

The books are mainly about a retry of Genesis where this time mankind gets it right without any interfearence from god. But, curiously enough, the replacement 'adam and eve' separate and live their own lives in their own worlds (serving their communities in good works).

For an atheist who does not believe in life after death Pullman seems to desire a form of life after death.....

I would put the books at YHWH neutral. The world of YY is very far removed from Pullman, he has not the slightest clue that there is anything beyond 'organised' religion This is just a product of a man, and is mainly about man worship.
Offline coleridge  
#5 Posted : Thursday, December 6, 2007 5:39:17 AM(UTC)
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once again... the forum has proved to be comprised of some of the greatest minds on earth! j&m thank you! i was almost upset about the silly movie, but you really helped me to understand... this man hates what he thinks of YHWH. he doesn't know YHWH. love you all
let YHWH be true, and every man a liar
Offline James  
#6 Posted : Thursday, December 6, 2007 6:24:25 PM(UTC)
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I thought at first that the movie looked like a knock off of Narnia. So i figured Iwould wait to DVD to see it, but them all the Christian types started protesting it, and when ever that happens, as alway I now must see it. When will these people realize that their protests only help the one they mean to hurt.

From what I gather about the movie, it is mostly an attack on the RCC, and their God, while the author may think that by killing that God he is killing all God's in reality he is mearly killing a man made false delusion of God. It seems like he is more attacking organized religion, and I am perfectly okay with that. When the ignorant rant I ignore. If the only view of God I ever got was the RCC view, I might want to kill that God as well.

I probably wouldn't want my child to watch this until he/she was at an age where I think he would be able to understand this distinction, but if I have done my job properly, he will be able to use the spirit to decern truth from fiction, and I have nothing to fear.

I think that is the biggest problem that christians have with this sort of thing, they are so insecure in their faith, in organized religion, that they are unable to deal with the slightest challenging of it.
Don't take my word for it, Look it up.

“The truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.” ― Ayn Rand
Offline jojocc  
#7 Posted : Friday, December 7, 2007 12:06:40 AM(UTC)
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Interesting James, I'd agree with you there. Although when I read these books I couldn't have cared less that they killed 'God', I (hanging head in shame) beleived in a sort of benign 'mother earth' type 'spiritual entity' anyway.

I would say the same goes for the Harry Potter books, it drives me nuts that some friends of mine wax lyrical about how evil and satanic these books are. Now while I agree that witchcraft is horrid, these are stories about acceptance, love, trust, friendship and compassion. Ever read a Jacqueline Wilson book? Its ok to lose your virginity at 9, have 3 abortions by the time you are 16 and shoot down your parents and classmates at 17.

If all sin is sin, and all sins are forgiven, why do we only get upset about the obvious ones? Personally I'd like to see all the Jacqueline Wilson's of our age protested against, then I'll have a go at JK Rowling and Phillip Pullman.

Oh, and in the 'study Bible' that my HP detesting friend bought for her two children, is a passage that says it is ok to be mad at your parents, "being mad is not a sin" anyone read Matthew 5:21-22 recently?... Somehow I think that Satan is a lot more effective when he is at his most subversive.
Offline Heretic Steve  
#8 Posted : Monday, December 10, 2007 11:04:45 AM(UTC)
Heretic Steve
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Homosexual angels? Hahahahahahaha...... when are people going to realise that spirits are non-corporeal. They don't have a body which certainly precludes hormones, (and everything else). Oh, I get it. It's a "spiritual" homosexuality. Hahahahahaha.......
If not us, who? If not now, when?
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