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#1 Posted : Wednesday, February 24, 2016 9:40:53 AM(UTC)
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For what purpose did God create man?

The answer is simple for anyone who studies Yahowah’s Word, relationship. Love is the reason God created man. And a true relationship, true love cannot be gained through coercion. Coercion relies on reward and/or punishment. Coercion can be used to gain submission, look at American foreign policy. The threat of punishment if believed can force someone into submitting to your will, but it cannot make them love you. Think of the battered spouse who stays and obeys out of fear of what will happen if they don’t, this is not love. Coercion can also be used to bribe or buy false friends, again look at American foreign policy. A lot of people who are willing to spend money have tons of “friends” until the money dries up, but these “friends” don’t care about the person, don’t love the person they are simply there for the goodies. America has many “Allies” because of our carrot and stick approach to diplomacy. You can do what we say and we will give you aid and trade or you can ignore us and we will send our military in.

The religious, and even secular, idea of God uses this same method. All souls go either to heaven or hell. So either love God and do what He says and He will lavish you with gifts in an eternal paradise called heaven, or ignore him and you will suffer for eternity in Hell. This idea means God created a plan which can never achieve His goal of love and relationship. Everyone who will spend eternity with Him is either there because they are afraid of the alternative, literally, “Well this beats hell.” Or they are there because God’s throwing an awesome party with free food and drinks and He’s just handing out mansions and Rolls Royce car keys. There is no love here.

This plan goes against Yahowah’s intention clearly, so why does almost everyone on Earth believe it? Because that is what we are taught by our parents, our pastors, priests, politicians, etc. The fact is this plan benefits them. It turns heaven into a reward that you get by being good, and guess who gets to define good, all the people who are indoctrinating us with this idea. Your parents use it to get you to behave as a child, the church uses it to get you to tithe and support them, politicians use it to get your votes, and on and on.

Heaven is not a reward, heaven is a home. Most people, religious or secular, will say that they don’t think they are going to hell, or they think they are going to heaven because they have been a “good” person. The religious will tell the secular that their definition of “good” isn’t right and therefore they’re going to hell and the secular will tell the religious that their definition of “good” is wrong and outdated and they are the ones who are wrong and going to hell. But heaven has nothing to do with being good or bad. It is not a reward for being good. Heaven is a home. And they only way into the home is to be family. It doesn’t matter if your behavior is perfect or horrible, what matters is do you know the home owner, Yahowah, and are you part of His family, the Covenant.

Now don’t for a second think this means that I am saying that everyone else will go to hell for all eternity. It doesn’t. That would be the same coercive tactic and plan. For there to be no coercion you simply have to realize that the soul is not immortal. If the soul is not immortal, then at the end of mortal life the soul dies as well. This is not a punishment or a reward, but simply the natural consequence of having lived. So now with God’s plan everyone has three options.

1. You come to know and love Yahowah, and He adopts you into His family and makes you immortal so you can spend eternity with Him in His home.
2. You don’t come to know Him, or you do and choose not to love Him, and you live your life however you see fit, and when you die that is it.
3. You reject Him and choose to actively engage against Him, leaguing your soul with the adversary and thus becoming immortal and spend your eternity with the adversary in the place of separation.

This plan facilitates a loving and coercion free relationship for anyone who is interested.
Don't take my word for it, Look it up.

“The truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.” ― Ayn Rand
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