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Offline Hermine Dow  
#1 Posted : Saturday, May 31, 2014 7:16:31 AM(UTC)
Hermine Dow
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I just finished reading this chapter during this Feast of Weeks 2014. What a blessing! Now I want to get answers to my many questions. I hope whoever is reading this will be patient with me, and thankyou in advance. I've stiffled questions all my life...now I'm going to ask them!

1. "God asked us to accurately count
seven Sabbaths from the day after the special Sabbath of Unleavened Bread..." it is my understanding that non of the miqra are called sabbath, but are sabboton...therefore we are to count from the 7th day sabbath that follows the sabbaton of Unleavened Bread until 7 7th day sabbaths are complete, and then the next day, the 50th day, is Shavuot/Pentacost. Hence, Shavuot always will be a 1st day. Am I correct? if not, why not?

2. "Seven Sabbaths from the day after the special Shabat of Matsah represents
fifty days. This annual pattern of seven sevens plus one is repeated in Yahowah’s
presentation of the redemptive year of Yah’s Lamb, called a “Yowbel” by God... do we know for a certainty, which years are the yowbel years? And how does it work? Like this? Year 1-49
Year 50=yowbel Is it set apart, or counted as the 1st year in the next cycle of 49?
Year 50+48=98=making the next year 99 = yowbel OR would we begin to count year 51 as the first year of the next cycle? 51+48 more=99, and the next year, year 100 would be a yowbel....

3. "For example, forty Yowbel after Adam’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden
in 3968 BCE, which takes us to 1968 BCE, Abraham affirmed His commitment to
the Covenant with Yahowah on Mount Mowryah,..." How do we know these dates to be accurate?

4."on Mount Mowryah, foreshadowing what would
occur on Passover in the exact same location forty Yowbel later with Yahowsha’
serving as the Sacrificial Lamb in the Yowbel Year of 4000 Yah (33 CE)...isn't that date, 33 CE, questionable? I've heard that he was actually born in 4bc...

5. "The wave offering associated with FirstFruits, whereby the newly born Spiritual children of
God are lifted up, is tangibly manifest during Seven Sabbaths, with these same
souls enriched and empowered by the Set-Apart Spirit, preparing them to become
more effective witnesses..."

were not the first fruits the 'old testament' 'saints' who were born again spiritually, receiving their spiritual bodies, seen by many in Jerusalem (Matthew 27:52-53)? How would these be the same souls enriched and empowered to become more effective witnesses?

I'm thinking, and please correct me if I'm wrong!...

that the Feast of Weeks BEGINS with Bikuwrym/First Fruits, sheaf of barley, waved along with the burnt offering and NO yeast/ Yahowsha and the other 'saints' being born again spiritually, receiving spiritual bodies and being harvested up to heaven,without yeast/sin, having been cleansed by Yahowsha's blood

and ENDING with with Shavuot/the Ruach being poured out/on ALL/represented by 2 loaves of leavened bread = still sinful Judah and Israel, but set apart and made acceptable by the Ruach and cleansed by the shed blood of Yahosha and covered by the Light of the Ruach...but this sounds more to me like a planting than a harvest...hmmm...the analogy breaks down? What am i not seeing? Are these renewed covenant ones (us) the latter harvest? to be gathered during the fall feasts of Ingathering?

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