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Offline Liny Easow  
#1 Posted : Saturday, April 5, 2014 6:22:30 AM(UTC)
Liny Easow
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Hi, I am copying and re-posting this mail I had sent on March 5, 2013. I have checked several times for an answer. I hope someone clears this for me. Thank you again.

I am sorry if this is not the right way to do it.

Hi, I am new to this. I discovered 'Future History' which I believe is written by Ken Powers. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am thankful that he has posted everything freely on the net so that people who want to learn can access it. Especially, books or material by US people are not affordable for people in India, on a normal basis. So, a big thank you to the author, for his kindness. Please, forgive me, if I am wrong in posting thanks on a forum. I am totally new to this. I had to search for half an hour to understand how to use it at all! I have a doubt, please help me with it.
Well, I was listening to 'Future History_08_Getting All Caught Up', I came across this- [I am copying from the doc and pasting here] "He restricted his appearances to those who had already shown faith in Him. Why? Because to prove His resurrection to those who had rejected Him would be tantamount to forcing their acceptance, and if you’ll recall, love must be voluntary--if it’s forced, it becomes something else."
Saul rejected Yahshua, and persecuted believers. Yet, Yahshua appeared as a great light to Saul, which blinded him, on his way to Damascus, and a voice spoke to him while the other soldiers were present but did not see it. After this Saul converted. Wasn't that a form of forcing Saul to believe? Is this different from forcing acceptance? Moreover, why is there a discrepancy in the recounting of this miraculous conversion in three different verses in Acts?? Kindly clarify my doubt if it is not inconvenient. Thank you, in advance.
Offline Glfnaz  
#2 Posted : Saturday, April 5, 2014 8:11:51 AM(UTC)
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Lots of things to read about here:


Paul was a false apostle. He was self appointed. He did not teach what God / Messiah taught. he twisted and changed it. He taught Torah was nailed to the cross and no longer valid, in opposition to God. he was very anti God.

Even more here:


Offline InHisName  
#3 Posted : Saturday, April 5, 2014 8:49:50 AM(UTC)
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Hi Liny. I am sorry you had to wait so long for a reply. Questions like yours are usually addressed fairly quickly.

Much has been learned in the 10 years since Future History was written, not least of which is the realization that Paul was THE ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. Paul, the writings he left behind and the religion they spawned are not to be trusted [ for verification read Questioning Paul at questioningpaul.com ]. The discrepancies you see in Acts will become clear to you without the christian filter.

As for Ken Powers, he no longer participates in this forum. This community has separated itself from Christianity and apparently Ken chose not to.

Yada collaborated with Ken and went on to produce the massive works of Yada Yah, Introduction to God and Questioning Paul. All are accessible for free and linked at Questioning Paul. In these works you will find Yahowah’s true path to salvation which is through Yahowah’s one and only Family Covenant. Yahowah’s plan and path for us is as it has always been and it has always been knowable by searching His Words in the Torah, Prophets and Psalms. These books provide the best translations of the oldest most trustworthy original texts available with commentary by Yada. It is your job to read, verify, discern, judge and decide.

There is no quick and easy way for you to accomplish this it will take much effort to work through all of the issues and questions you will have. The forum can be a resource but I don’t think being given answers to questions will serve you well. You need to build a personal understanding of and trust in Yahowah, that comes through first-hand personal interaction with Him through His Word.
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