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Offline J&M  
#1 Posted : Monday, November 5, 2007 10:16:38 AM(UTC)
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If I have an IQ of around 150, then I must always remember that Satan's would be in the order of 1500.

This guy, by Human standards, is bright!!!

But then YHWH's IQ is infinite.....

Satan is a liar and deceiver, he deceives using big Truths and little lies, take evolution theory, most of it is might be true, but the deceipt comes in the small print - who caused the big bang? how did 'life' start? These are the points at which 'religion' takes over from science.

The real indication of satanic influence is in what follows; the persecution of the sceptics and doubters, especially those who seek truth rather than conform and follow the religious shibboleths (lies) designed to keep mankind away from his Creator.

Satan wraps himself in a cloak of fantasy and most believe him to be a cross between a nughty cartoon character, and a fun loving 'hooray henry'. The scriptures, however, describe him as a roaring lion seeking to devour those whom he may.

satan loves killing people, and most of his best efforts end up in mass murder. Atheists tell us that religions have caused all wars. Probably true - Stalin was an atheist, Hitler was an atheist, Napoleon probably was, Mao, PolPot, Robespierre. Atheism, aka socialist humanism is probably satan's favourite religion because its adherants, who think themselves so clever, are just so gullible....

satan loves getting mankind to see himself as a 'god' and in the socialist humanist religion the believers play at being god, doing 'good' works for the betterment of humanity. Unfortunately the 'law of unintended consequences' applies and people tend to start dying very quickly.

Africans need good food and clean water, not anti retroviral drugs (which will kill them anyway). The current 'climate change' lobby is likely going to cause another great economic depression with resulting mass starvation and suicide etc.

satan is out to kill, and is most ably assisted by mankind's ignorance and stupidity.

Offline shalom82  
#2 Posted : Monday, November 5, 2007 5:36:17 PM(UTC)
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The church of Global warming is just the newest sect of the Secular Humanist Universal Church. You are absolutely right J&M, if there was enough time to enact all of their nutjob ideas I do believe that they could kill millions with their anti-human policies. Make no mistake, this is not about pollution control, this is about population control. The antiwarming lobby at heart really hates humanity...well at least most of it. They still need their useful idiots, and of course the plebian classes.

Don't take me to town on this but I heard that Al Gore just bought some ocean front property in California. It doesn't seem like a very smart business venture for a man who really believes in what he preaches. Al Gore and the rest of his ilk aren't prophets. Prophets practice what they preach and live according to their revelations. Eliyahu wasn't cutting himself with the priests of Ba'al, Yeshayahu wasn't out fornicating and worshipping idols. Daniel wouldn't even eat unclean food. We all I am sure are familiar with Al Gore's....perplexing behavior.

I feel quite certain that decimation of the earth's population is the goal of the Church of Global Warming. And when it is achieved the kings will sit on their mountain tops with their little artisans down below hard at work for their benefit. The C of GW is just another mishmash of Satan's kindred and his useful idiots.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in being a good Steward of what Yahuweh has put in our hands. We should with the utmost gravity take care of all that he has gifted us with, but I am telling you the GW'ers are at heart a dangerous group.
Their policies have already caused food shortages, terrorism, and disease.
YHWH's ordinances are true, and righteous altogether.
Offline Disciple  
#3 Posted : Sunday, November 25, 2007 12:19:09 PM(UTC)
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I have 2 disagree with the statement on ARV drugs for Africans. There is a reason this drug has been called the "Lazarus drug" by those who use it. The effect it has on the person, bringing them from the brink of death to healthy again, is amazing. Africans need food, water, medicine, education, and a fair chance at the dream of truly being free. Free from the bonds of poverty, disease, prostitution, unfair and corrupt governments, all of it.
When U found me, I was just a piece of clay
I was formless, U gave me a new name
With the breath of life I now live abundantly
All I needed was the potter's hand
And the blood on Calvary...
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#4 Posted : Sunday, November 25, 2007 4:51:57 PM(UTC)
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I don't think we need to accept that religion is the reason for violence at all. Besides Islam, no major religion teaches that you have to kill people for disagreeing with your beliefs. Yada makes a good point about religious violence in YY. I don't remember what chapter it was in or anything, so i'll paraphrase it. Using the Crusades as an example, take a look at the actual soldiers committing the murders. They were illiterate. And the Catholic Masses were in Latin- a language that the common folk didn't know. To call them Christians would be stretching it. As for the people in charge, they were going against the teachings of Yahshua and they knew it, unless they were delusional. For them, it wasn't about religion. It was about power. Religion wasn't the reason, it was the excuse and the means by which people were controlled. Power is the cause of most major conflicts, whether the people in charge claim to belong to a religion or not.

I'd also like to address science. Generally, I trust science. The few areas where I don't trust science are macroevolution, global warming, and other highly politicized topics. While the facts cannot be biased, the presentation, collection, and analysis of data are highly suspect. In the two examples, there is evidence for both sides, so what you believe merely depends on which propaganda you listen to. I am convinced that most of politics is like this.
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