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Camille Posted: Saturday, December 8, 2012 7:37:42 AM(UTC)
I found it very helpful when a forum member pointed me directly to page numbers of ITG where answers to my questions could be found. Now I find myself with many more questions, and thought it might be helpful to have a section that could be devoted to pointing people to where the answers that they seek can specifically be found, and/or would point them to a FAQ section that provides ready answers to frequent inquiries. A FAQ section could also have subdivisions such as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic inquiries.

My two questions at the moment are:

1) Where in ITG can the teaching on the feminine aspect of the Ruach be found?

2) Where can I read about the Lamb sacrificed as the substitute, why He did not die for our sins, and anything else that addresses Christian misconceptions and mistranslations on this theme?